Matthias Flacius Illyricus

A famous Lutheran reformer and a close associate to Martin Luther, Matthias Flacius Illyricus (March 3rd 1520, Labin-March 11th 1575, Frankfurt am Main) takes the central position in celebrating the month of Labin’s visionaries. Head to his Memorial collection located at the Francovich Palace where you will get to know everything about the exciting life of one of the most brilliant minds of 16th century Europe. A superb theologian, Church historian and Latin and Greek teacher, Matthias Flacius has written more than two hundred books. Have a look at copies of his most famous works The Magdeburg Centuries (an ecclesiastical history divided into thirteen centuries) and Clavis scripturae sacrae. The exciting life of Labin’s versatile visionary was marked by numerous journeys across Europe and a curiosity- Flacius had nineteen children!
Matthias Flacius Illyricus Memorial Collection, Labin Museum, 6 1.svibnja, phone: +385 0(52) 852-477, e-mail: Open: Mon-Fri 10 AM -1 PM.


Labin Republic

One of the first riots against fascism in Europe took place in Labin. The strike and self-government of the miners from Labin area, known as Labin Republic, lasted from March 2nd to April 8th 1921. Despite the fact that it was functioning only for a month, this riot marked the history of Labin area where mining was the main industry for decades. The people of Labin proudly celebrate the anniversary of miners’ fight for their workers’ and human rights. Don’t miss the 150 m long mine corridor open for visitors on the ground floor at a baroque palace housing the Labin Museum and the program Mining Republic by Istra Inspirit.
Labin Public Museum, 6 1.svibnja, phone: +385 0(52) 852-477, e-mail: Open: Mon-Fri 10 AM – 1 PM.


Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior-Rabac

In only a few month time since the renovation, Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior**** in Rabac became a synonym for enjoying in healthy Istrian lifestyle vacation. New interior is inspired by the Adriatic, the walls are decorated with artistic installations made of driftwood and shells, and you can enjoy original cocktails in the shadow of olive trees surrounding the terrace. You’ll be pampered in every part of Sanfior- treat yourself with specialized spa rituals for couples and beauty treatments dedicated to Sentona-local goddess, the patroness of travelers. Anti-allergic rooms and pillows are also available. Don’t miss show cooking with the local master chefs preparing four original Sentona’s menus with healthy food. Make the most of your vacation in the pearl of Kvarner bay and stroll down the near-by Sentona walking trails along the sea and the waterfalls or ride a bike on bike routes (complete bike service available from the hotel)., e-mail:, phone: +385 0(52) 465-120


Labin Bike Routes

Cycle into spring and explore the most beautiful landscapes in Labin and the surrounding area. Bella vista bike route brings the unforgettable views on Skitača hill and surfers’ paradise in Ravni. Bright-eyed Lucija route takes you to St.Lucy’s healing water well on Skitača. Discover the youngest Istrian town of Raša and the romantic ruins of Kršan and Kožljak castles on Liburnia route. Feel the forgotten scent of Mediterranean on Teran route passing through Rabac- pearl of Kvarner bay and Labin- the town of noblemen, reformers and artists. Istrian Demarcation route introduces the picturesque castles of Kršan and Šumber, overlooking the Raša river canyon, and baronial country residence in Sv. Martin.


Josip Belušić- Speedometer Inventor from Labin

Can you think of modern vehicles, vessels or airplanes without an electric speedometer? This revolutionary device was invented by Josip Belušić, a physicist and mathematician born on March 12th 1847 in Županići village near Labin. He introduced his velocimeter, a forerunner of today’s tachograph and taximeter, at 1899 Exposition Universelle in Paris. Although the main attraction of the exposition was the Eiffel Tower, Belušić’s velocimeter raised a great interest. Labin’s inventor attended school in Pazin, probably at church collegium, where the priests first noticed his talent for Science. He continued his studies in Vienna, and later became a teacher at Imperial and Royal Academy in Koper. His relatives are still living in Labin area.


Deep Sea Freshness

While Rabac beaches remain peaceful and quiet waiting for spring to come, the Dragičević family, whose members run a restaurant and are known as fishermen start fishing the delicious Kvarner squids and cuttlefish. The long-standing family tradition guarantees quality and memorable dining experience with fresh local fish prepared in a traditional way. On Sentona’s authentic menu you’ll find all gusto of Kvarner seabed, the inevitable classical fish stew (brodetto) made of cuttlefish and served with polenta, local squid with black potatoes and hand- made pljukanci (sort of pasta) with shrimps, sardine fillets in vinegar and olive oil a la Due Fratelli. For the culmination of spring fish menu, have a taste of local wines, malvasia San Martino and Calypsa Histria.
Restaurant Due Fratelli, 6 Montozi, Labin, Phone: +385 (0)52 853 577, Mobile phone: +385 (0)98 366 498, (0)98 334 030, e-mail:,