The 12. Labin Art Republic June 28th - August 31st Labin

Over the next two months the most famous summer cultural-artistic event happening in Labin Old town, the 12. Labin Art Republic will be hosting numerous music stars, theatre shows, young artists’ art colony, street performances, dance show, stand- up comedians…Enjoy the performance of Urban & 4, a true diva Radojka Šverko, local jazz musician Dina Rizvić and if you prefer classical music don’t miss Labin Classical Summer. This summer walk around the Old town and meet the local historical figures, such as the protestant church reformer Matthias Flacius Illyricus, a socialist Giuseppina Martinuzzi and a local mine worker. Three times a week in the evening these historical figures dressed in original costumes will walk around the medieval town and talk to guests in Croatian and three foreign languages. They’ll show you the way to Labin Public Museum, Town Gallery or a current event part of Labin Art Republic, give you flyers with important information and programme booklets.

Uskoks’ Battle July 30th Rabac, July 31st Labin

Experience a true medieval battle and hop on a journey back in 1599, when on St. Sebastian’s Night 19th/20th January the town of Labin defeated the mighty Uskoks. On one of their crusades 600 Uskoks reached the eastern coast of Istria. At that time Labin was a small town on top of a hill, surrounded with 6 m high town walls. When the Uskoks came, there were only thirty soldiers and some three hundred men ready to fight, who won the battle using trickery. After they slaughtered an ox, they shed his blood near the town gate, and put iron in several barrels which they started rolling down steep streets creating deafening noise. It all sounded as if they had a well- organized defence system, and the Uskoks were convinced they suffered considerable losses. The show on the waterfront in Rabac starts at 8.30 PM On July 30th, with the Uskoks disembarking from their sailboat, followed by three spectacular historical performances “A Battle for the Golden Chalice”, dance and music.
The following day, on July 31st, the Uskoks are heading to Labin Old town where the great Uskoks’ Battle will take place at 8.30 PM. The historical spectacle brings you scenes of siege, attacks, negotiating, conquest, defence, punching, individual and group fights in a choreographic and dramatic performances of costumed participants, with shooting guns and holsters, fights with swords, spears and maces followed by knights fighting with fire at 10.30 PM. For a complete medieval atmosphere, have a taste of special menus available from Old town restaurants and bars.

The 8. Klape Live Concert July 12 Labin

The main square in Labin Old town will once again host the traditional Klape Live Concert in Labin. Enjoy the best Croatian a cappella singing-live performances by klape Intrade, Maslina, Iskon, Šufit and Lungomare, with a special guest star Kemal Monteno in the authentic medieval scenery of Labin Old town. Klapa singing is a traditional way of Croatian vocal music originating from the south of Croatia (Dalmatia region), along the coastline and the islands. It can be heard in both urban and rural areas. Since 2012 the klapa singing is listed on UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.
Show starts at 9 PM, Tito Square, Labin Old town

Girandella Summer Party July 19th Rabac

Girandella beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Rabac, will host the first summer party on July 19th at 10 PM. Girandella pool, located right next to the sea, welcomes the most famous regional DJ Lea Dobričić who will turn the entire Girandella beach into a giant dance floor. Chose Valamar Girandella Tourist village in Rabac for a memorable holiday, enjoy the pebble stone beaches marked with a Blue Flag, green forests and the surrounding inspiring for taking part in sports, outdoor activities, relaxing, exploring and having fun.

Rabac Street Fest July 20th

Experience the magic of summer night in Rabac. Eight spots along the waterfront and the promenade in Rabac will host street artists, magicians, jugglers, musicians, entertainers, acrobats, mime artists, dancers and performers who will put a spell on you with their skills and acrobatics. Special lighting effects and fun for all ages will give you unforgettable moments in Rabac summer evening. Besides the lead band performing on the main stage, there will be musicians on stilts, solo performers, duos and trios and all sorts of music, from rockabilly to pop, up and down the waterfront.
Rabac waterfront, from 8.30 PM

Open Art Studios

In the course of Labin Art Republic don’t miss the opportunity to visit art galleries and studios located in Labin Old Town. There are more than thirty professional artists in Labin, and most of them will open the door of their studios for visitors on Mondays, from 7-9 PM, and on Wednesdays from 11-1 PM. Experience meeting an artist, get to know his/her work and enjoy the artistic atmosphere.
List of artists and map showing locations of studios is available from: www.labin-art-republika.com