February in Labin and Rabac

Love Served

This February celebrate love by choosing special Valentine’s menus from Dorina Restaurant in Plomin, proudly owned by the Knapić family, who creates, prepares and serves meals with loads of love. The host, Ms. Sandra, even makes unique couples’ menus, including rich variety of seafood from the Kvarner Bay as well as local forest fruits. Enjoy your turkey roll filled with prosciutto and olives, served with mushroom sauce, or head for pljukanci (home- made pasta) with aphrodisiac saffron from Nedešćina. If you prefer fish, there’s sea bass stuffed with scampi and truffle cream from Čepić, or fish ravioli in tomato and olive spicy sauce. If your dinner includes seducing your partner, don’t miss a seductive ‘Gentle Cake’ made with home-made ricotta and figs.
Dorina Restaurant, 54 Plomin, Plomin, Phone: +385(0)52 863 023, Mobile: +385(0)91 286 3023, (0)91 568 4000, e-mail: restoran.dorina@gmail.com


Labin Carnival February 14th and 17th

In Croatia we say that laughter is the best medicine, therefore, enjoy the wildest month with Labin carnival group known as Labinjonska Kompanija Domoća Folšarija and their guests. After they took over the town keys at the end of January the carnival group will on February 14th lead the parade followed by costume dance party. Carnival dances with funny music and all sorts of crazy actions are held in the entire region of Istria and Kvarner, where carnival groups visit each other. Carnival fest ends on Shrove Tuesday, Febraury 17th, with kids’ carnival party and burning of a man-like doll called Pust.


The Irresistible Adoral

Treat your loved one with a romantic Valentine getaway at Adoral 4* Boutique Hotel in Rabac. Enjoy your unforgettable moments in a hotel located right next to the sea, at the Lungomare waterfront, in an amazing modern clean shaped interior. Fall asleep hugging your partner listening to the waves and wake up with the fresh sea scents of Adriatic herbs surrounding the hotel. On Saturday, enjoy the carnival parade. While booking your accommodation, we’ll be happy to book a romantic Valentine dinner with special menus at restaurants Kvarner or Velo Kafe situated in Labin Old town. After the love specialties have an evening walk around romantic old town streets and enjoy the silence of your love.
Adoral 4* Hotel, 2a Obala M.Tita, Rabac, Phone: +385 (0)52 535 840, www.adoral-hotel.com, e-mail: adoral@adoral.hr


Labin Visionary

The most famous Labin woman, Giuseppina Martinuzzi, (Feb 14th 1844 - Nov 25th 1925) a writer, a teacher and a politician, was born on St. Valentine’s Day. Her work Manuale Mnemonico (Mnemonic Manual), published in 1866, stands as an example of creating maps which help memorizing data. At the beginning of the 20th century she got involved in politics and published her most famous work, the poem Ingiustizia (Injustice). She was born to a respectful family whose ancestors came from Friuli (Italy) at the beginning of the 18th century. Being a devoted Socialist, she held numerous public speeches standing for the rights of children, working class and especially women, striving for mutual cooperation of the Croats and Italians living in Istria. Her birth house is located opposite the Old town, in a part of town called Rialto, where you’ll see one of the most picturesque yards in Labin. Her personal belongings, including home furniture and notebooks, as well as the Mnemonic Manual, are all exposed on the second floor at Labin National Museum.


Istra Outdoor Booking

Spring is coming, and all you nature and outdoor activity fans don’t miss the latest issue of 2015 Istra Outdoor promo catalogue. Register for one of the trekking or bike races held in Labin, Rabac and the surrounding area. ‘Istria Trek’, Croatian Trekking League race, starts on March 28th in Labin. The adventure orientation race is one of the oldest adventure races in Croatia. The longest ultra-trail race in Croatia ‘100 Miles of Istria’ (April 17th-19th) starts in Labin Old town on April 17th, and finishes in Umag. Popular bike races ‘Istria Valamar Terra Magica’ are scheduled in May, 12th- 17th. In five races, including cross country team race, recreational and kids’ race enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Rabac, Labin and the southeast Istria.
Download Istra Outdoor 2015 promo from: http://bit.ly/13Ooi69


Venetian Lions in Labin

Enjoying a walk around Labin Old town, you’ll notice five Venetian lions. There’s one in the town walls, one standing on the parish church façade, where it was moved from the town gate, one on the Palace of the Podestà in Stari trg, one on the Frankovich palace (Memorial collection of Matthias Flacius Illyricus) and one on Giuseppina Martinuzzi's house in Rialto. However, there was another one, the sixth lion, painted as a fresco in the town loggia. It has caused a huge scandal and was subject to a court process. Namely, in 1633, someone dug out lion’s eyes. This attack on the symbol of Venetian Republic resulted in wide and detailed investigation. At that time, there was a fair going on in the town loggia where three men from Rijeka had their stalls, and also used the place for resting. One of those men, Matija Majcan, later admitted that he made a mistake writing a bill, so he peeled a part of the fresco to soak up the ink stain, and then, after a few glasses, he erased the eyes. The verdict said ‘eye for an eye’. Majcan was sentenced to lose both eyes if he ever returned to Labin. Since then he was never seen in Labin again.