September in Labin and Rabac

Labin Old town Night Sightseeing, September 1st and 8th

Enjoy the last free-of-charge sightseeing tours around Labin Old town. Feel the atmosphere of ancient times listening to your guides dressed in local mineworkers’ uniforms or the local goddess Sentona- Labin travellers’ patroness. Hear the interesting stories and legends about medieval town of Labin, its nobility, the Cauldron Act and the battle against the Uskoks. Our guides elegantly dresses as the said Liburnian goddess will introduce you with the exciting lives and world-class achievements by the most famous Labin-born people: a famous Church reformer and theologian Matthias Flacius Illyricus, Giuseppina Martinuzzi, a member of the Socialist movement and Josip Belušić, who invented the speedometer. The tour starts at 9.30 PM in front of Tourist Info point in Labin Old town and ends in front of Negri Art gallery at 11 PM, with local products tasting. The tour is free-of-charge, available in Croatian, English, German and Italian.

Istrian Lifestyle, Rabac, September 4th

Enjoy the finest Istrian cuisine and original handmade products of the local manufacturers at this year's final Istrian Lifestyle Hanmade and Gourmet Fair. The finest world award-winning olive oil, local wines, everyday items and souvenirs exude Istrian hospitality and invite you to gather around and enjoy indigenous food and live music. From Istrian prosciutto and meat delicacies dried in Kvarner northern wind bura, goat and cow cheese natural juice made of rosemary to delicious marmalade and spread made of figs, apples and other fruits. Have a toast to autumn coming with homemade biska (brandy), medica (honey grappa) or Teran wine from handmade ceramic glasses (called bićerin in Croatian) and Istrian bukaleta (large jug). Get to know the technique of glass miniature making and traditional weaving and embroidery.
Rabac waterfront, 8-11 PM

Rabac Regatta and Croatia Open Youth Sailing Championship, Rabac, September 17th-20th

The tradition of the first Rabac Regatta began in 1973 when it was one of the biggest and most popular regattas for the Optimist class in the Adriatic. This year the Rabac Regatta program is enriched with Croatia Open Youth Sailing Championship for classes Optimist, Laser 4.7, 420 and Techno 293. In one of the most beautiful Adriatic waters in Kvarner bay, fall in love with the white sails and let the experts from Sailing Club Kvarner guide you through the race. If you are interested in sailing courses for children and adults, training camps and regattas, visit Sailng Club Kvarner.
Sailing Club Kvarner
Oliva Camping, Maslinica bb, Rabac
T +385 (0)98 234 667

Miramare Restaurant

Enjoy your dinner of fish specialties and a romantic view overlooking the waterfront in Rabac on the main promenade. Let your late summer evening walk around numerous boats and sailing ships finish at Miramare Restaurant open back in 1938. Start your dinner with smoked fish salad or anchovies Carpaccio. Tuna steak with capers and olives will delight you with its freshness and rich flavors of the finest Adriatic tuna and aromatic capers. Traditional Istrian Malvasia and blue sea depths meet in sea bass fillet with Malvasia and prawn sauce. Gourmands will enjoy a hot and cold combination of pancakes with wild blackberries, raspberries and ice- cream.
Miramare Restaurant
Obala Maršala Tita bb, Rabac
T +385 (0)52 872 146

Grapes Picking and St. Martin’s Wines

Visit Sveti Martin (Saint Martin), a village 10 km off Labin and feel Labin area rural spirit and the joyful September grapes picking. The local tradition of wine making dates back to the 19th century, originating from the village of Sveti Martin and Pićan surroundings, nowadays known for superb award winning wines Malvasia, Merlot, Teran and Muškat. While in Sveti Martin, visit the Lazzarini- Battiala palace, built in 1797 as part of baroque country- side castle, originally owned by the last Labin landlord baron Lazzarini. Baron Nikola Lazzarini was an agronomist and took care of the large estates from his castle, alongside t which, alongside the residential area, also included stables, barns, and large cellars with fine wines sorted by origin and year of production. Visit a tavern with open fireplace (by appointment) and enjoy a glass of homemade Malvasia or Teran, breakfast and dinner with local food and spend the night in one of six country-style apartments. Head to the local restaurants and enjoy a glass of Malvasia, Pinot and Merlot by San Martino, whose label shows a stylized figure of a prancing horse.
Palazzo Lazzarini-Battiala, 33 Kort, Sveti Martin, Nedešćina
T: +385 (0)52 865 578, 854 368
M: +385 (0)91 1865 578, (0)91 544 4918

Create Your Experiences

As part of the year-round tourism experience offers and promotion Labin Rabac Tourist Board brings news on their web site in sections Create Your Experiences, Gastro-Eno and Outoor. Whether you booked your holiday in Labin, Rabac or the surrounding area or you are just passing by, you are welcome to enjoy all-day experiences through seven theme stories: Meet Sentona, What Our Grandmas Cooked, Visionaries from Labin, In the Natural Wellness, Artist’ Town, Labin Country Arcadia and Family Fun. Choose from a selection of activities available throughout the day. Gastro-eno section brings the finest local restaurants including photos of the meals offered and a rich wine offer, including Wine roads, art-eno galleries, wine shops and wine cellars part of country estates. If you prefer outdoor activities, click ‘Outdoor’ and find out all the information on cycling, snorkeling, sailing, mountaineering and recreation. In addition to the existing seven hiking and trekking trails, there are four new trails open: Terra Magica, Bella Vista, St. Justus’ trail and St. Barbara’s trail.