November in Labin and Rabac

St. Justus' Trail

The new, St. Justus’ tourist trail is dedicated to patron saint of Labin whose feast is celebrated on November 2nd. Relics of St. Justus, known for his mercy and love for the poor, are stored in the parish church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Labin Old town. Discover the beauty of St. Justus’ trail that runs from the highest point of the old town, called Fortica, with a near-by 35 m high tower of St. Justus erected in 1623 on the foundations of the former church of St. Justus. Enjoy your travel through time by visiting the Venetian period buldings: San Fior town gate, the loggia, palaces Franković, Scampicchio, Negri and Battiala-Lazzarini, which houses the National Museum. Walk down Aleja velikana (Walk of Fame) through a pine forest (Pineta) until you reach a point where the trail continues to Gondolići passing near Labin Rabac Tourist Board. Have a rest near the 13th century Romanesque church of St. Gall, or visit the remains of St. Anthony’s church, located on the eponymous hill.


Labin Area Wine Fest

It’s especially festive at Sveti Martin, a village 10 km off Labin, on the 11th November, at the feast of the eponymous saint, the patron of winemakers, vine growers and horsemen. Visit the local restaurants and Pineta Agritourism and enjoy a glass of Malvasia, Pinot and Merlot by San Martino, whose label shows a stylized figure of a prancing horse. In the medieval town of Pićan, 30 km from Labin, see the quality of local wines, approved by the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand himself, who paid a visit to Pićan at the beginning of the last century. On St. Catherine’s Day (November 25th) young Pićan's wine and olive oil tasting takes place. Wines from Labin area, central and northern Istria are presented to the public in late November at the exhibition known as the ‘Martin Off Labels’ (Leni Martin in the local dialect). In the nearby village of Kukurini visit the family winery Baćac which keeps the tradition of viticulture for more than 75 years. Join the guided tasting, snacks and Istrian music, and have a glass of the Goran Baćac’s award-winning wines, Malvasia Calypso Histria and Merlot Calypso Nera. Wine tasting tour is available by appointment only.
Baćac Winery, Goran Baćac, 16 Kukurini, Pićan
T +385 (0)52 869 090, M +385 (0)91 186 9090

Agritourism Kaštel Pineta, 32/b Sv. Martin, Nedešćina
T +385 (052) 865 688, M +385 (0)91 1865 688


Sentona's Divine Baths

Let this be a warm and pleasant autumn with natural wellness in Rabac. Enjoy your weekend getaway with baths of the goddess Sentona, the patroness of travellers. Located in Maslinica bay, Mimosa Hotel offers the unforgettable pleasure of mineral baths with sea salt and essential oils of lavender, laurel, rosemary and sage harvested from the slopes surrounding Labin and Rabac coastline next to crystal clear sea. Genuine essential oils produced by local family-run manufactures will relax you after trekking on St. Justus' trail and refresh you for new business ventures. After enjoying your baths, treat yourself with whirlpool bath and body massage with selected oils.
Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, Rabac
T +385 (0)52 884 150/170/172


Labin Truffles and Mushrooms

While enjoying your autumn gastro tour, don't miss Čepić field truffles and a rich variety of mushrooms from the local forests. You'll find Istrain forest gold- truffles- on all menus at Labin and Rabac restaurants. Pamper your palate with beefsteak with truffles, home-made fuži (home-made pasta), gnocchi or pljukanci (home-made pasta)with porcini. Have a set near the open fireplace called ognjišće and taste the autumn rhapsody of flavours in interesting combinations of pumpkin with chestnuts served with genuine Istrian prosciutto, home-made sausages and ham, and of course Istrian supa which will make you warm in cold autumn days.


Labin Pottery Warmth

Enjoy autumn and making your own bread with traditional pottery from Labin. In the picturesque Merania pottery studio, located in Labin Old town, the Jenkel family preserves the tradition of ceramic tableware once used in the area of Labin. A ceramic baking lid (čripnja in the local dialect) was the basic part of cooking utensils used to prepare food in the open fire. Other than this classic-style baking lid, Merania offers baking lids for bread, various pots, tableware and all sorts of cooking and baking vessels, including the most popular souvenir- hand- painted boccalettas for wine and Istrian supa (a specialty made of hot wine, usually Teran, olive oil, sugar, salt, pepper and a slice of overdone bread). Feel the clay on your hands and try working on the potter’s wheel in the studio. Merania also offers a visit to its ceramic manufactory in Raša. The organized one hour tour includes the entire production process, presentation of the potter's wheel and making of the Istrian jug boccaletta and traditional technique of Majolica painting. Visits are organized by appointment, and are available in English, Croatian and Italian.
Merania Gallery
1. Maja bb, Labin
T +385 (0)52 852 466
M +385 (0)91 544 4918, +385 (0)95 9077 015


Countryside Cuisine

Experience the local countryside hospitality in the rustic ambience of the village Tomažići. The Licul - Verbanac family offers the homemade cuisine experience, which even inspired some Labin artists for their performances. In a natural setting with a carefully landscaped park decorated with antique tools, you’ll be greeted with a welcome aperitif biska (homemade grappa). Start your dinner with marinated anchovies in lemon juice and olive oil with the Mediterranean herbs, followed by a selection of traditional hand-made Labin pasta. Green Tortiglioni with fresh basil stuffed with homemade ricotta cheese will delight you with their colours combined with soft fresh cheese made of whey. Enjoy the abundance of Labin forests with homemade ravioli filled with venison in mixed mushroom sauce perfumed with Teran wine, while a selection of Istrian wines is waiting for you in the wine cellar.
Restaurant Tomažići
59 a Tomažići, Nedešćina
T +385 (0)52 865 535
M +385 (0)91 1396 430