December in Labin and Rabac

New Year's Eve at Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior - Rabac

Celebrate New Year by the sea, at Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior 4*, which, with its marine interior design blends with the magnificent view of the Kvarner Bay blue sea. Enjoy memorable moments with your family or loved ones in the amazing Mediterranean with superb culinary delicacies, music, wellness and relaxation. New Year's Eve offer includes a welcome gift, luxurious New Year's Eve dinner rich with various gastro specialties and live music, festive party with fireworks, champagne at midnight, rich New Year's raffle (grand prize: a seven-day stay for two people), indoor swimming pool, wellness center and fitness studio, and rich breakfast and dinner buffet. Book your vacation today and let our staff at Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior 4* take care of all the details while you enjoy your unforgettable holidays in Rabac.
New Year's Eve offer is available from 198 € per room.
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Dinner Served by the Open Fireplace

Discover the winter flavours of Labin area preserved in authentic dishes prepared following our grandmas’ recipes at restaurant Kvarner. After visiting Labin Old town have a seat near the traditional open fireplace and taste warm maneštrica (minestrone soup), jota (sauerkraut and beans soup), cod in white sauce and pasutice (had-made pasta)with savoy cabbage, a variety of cabbage harvested from the first frost in November and eaten until early spring. This healthy delicacy full of vitamins is usually prepared for lunch with warm polenta and fish stew. Liver in sauce with onions and Labin red wine will keep you warm to go on exploring the surroundings. Kvarner also offers top quality Istrian cattle meat (boškarin) from controlled origin and sweet dessert called krafi- the gastronomic symbol of Labin.
Restaurant Kvarner
Šetalište S. Marco bb, Labin
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Trail of St. Barbara, Labin-Kapelica-Raša

Discover the history of mining in Labin and Raša at Trail of St. Barbara, the patron saint of miners whose feast day is on 4 December. Start with Labin Old town sightseeing and discover the beautiful buildings preserved from Venetian time: the town gate San Fior, the loggia, the palaces Franković, Manzini, Scampicchio, Negri and Battiala - Lazzarini (Labin Museum). The Museum will enchant you with its unique model of a mine in this part of Europe, which takes you back to the mining history of Labin and its surroundings. The old town of Labin is now artists’ paradise, and in summer it turns into an open-air stage (Labin Art Republic). Full of impressions, head to Raša in search of new discoveries. The trail passes next to ‘Karlota’, a quarry and one of the mine shafts, introducing you the arrival in the mining town. Like a calming scenery setting, Raša will charm you with its regular lines of houses, immersed in the landscape of Raša valley, which seem almost unreal. Designed by the architect Pulitzer Finalli, Raša was built in 1937 as modern city for the needs of miners and their families with all necessary facilities (school, hospital and cinema) and a church dedicated to the patroness of miners St. Barbara, built in the shape of an overturned coal wagon, with its bell tower resembling a miner's lamp. Even though mining activities in this area finished a long time ago, traces of mining history can be found in the church of St. Barbara, which houses a beautiful collection of mining artifacts. Till your next hike we salute with the traditional miners’ greeting- Good luck!
Trail length: 4.4 km
Duration: 1.50 h


In Natural Wellness

Create your winter experience in Rabac following our suggestions. Begin your morning healthy, have a walk, go jogging or roller-skating from Rabac waterfront to the most beautiful bay known as Maslinica. Near-by, on Sentona’s trail start there’s water well Rabac was named after. The legend says that a small coastal town was named after sparrows (vrapčići in Croatian) that quenched thirst at the clear stream that still flows into the sea between olive tree lines. Feel the atmosphere of local maritime tradition at Hotel and restaurant Nostromo, one of the best restaurants in southern Istria, with a memorable view of Rabac bay, and enjoy light dishes rich in fish and vegetables. Get adventurous and discover Hidden Charms Promenade starting from St. Andrea peninsula with the 15th century chapel of the same name built there. Enjoy artworks celebrating female beauty and the sea outdoors, and make your own artistic photo shoot. On St. Andrea peninsula, under the eponymous church you’ll find ‘The Pearls’, ambient sculpture on the rock, made by artist Vasko Lipovac. Scattered stone balls like pearls in the game harmoniously adorn walls between small white beaches calling you to climb on them. Across the street, almost seamlessly blended in a park along the promenade, stands a sculpture ‘The Woman Bathing’, a work by artist Mate Čvrljak. Finish your day at one of the cafes on the waterfront in Rabac and enjoy a cocktail or ice-cream made of winter friuts.


Morchaki Country Resort & Spa

Experience Labin area countryside arcadia on a traditional farm built in 1880, now renewed in its original style with a touch of modern luxury. This country villa, located in Bartići (Gora Glušići) village near Labin, is surrounded by olive groves, meadows and forests. It provides winter relax in the sauna or by the open fireplace, with a glass of wine. It is perfect for a large family or a group of people. Head to Morchaki, and relax in one of seven traditionally furnished rooms, wellness center with a hot tub, Turkish bath and Finnish sauna. There's also a wine cellar for wine tasting and olive oil, from the private olive grove, with a traditional open fireplace, entertainment area, outdoor grill and outdoor pool. Extra virgin olive oil made of Istrian sorts called bjelica and buža obtained by cold pressing is makes an excellent present. The villa includes a bike room and is surrounded with walking trails. The resort was named after the Zustović's family nickname, whose members used to be engaged in viticulture, agriculture and cattle breeding. Seasonal special offers are available.
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Labin Area Christmas Tradition

Along with the traditional midnight mass, celebrating Christmas in Labin area has always been associated with family gathering around the dinner table. Christmas Eve dinner included cod in white sauce and dried cod, served with pasutice (home-made pasta) with cod stew. Savoy cabbage and lentils (broad beans, peas and beans) were served as side dish, followed by fritule (sweet pastry) for dessert. On Christmas Eve, blessed olive branches kept in the house from Easter would first be placed on the fireplace and used afterwards to keep the prosperous, fertile and peaceful home. During winter time and for Christmas in the hilly parts of Gora Glušići and Skitača people used to drink a so-called red spruce bevanda- soft drink made of red and brown spruce fruits, abundant in this area. The fruits were picked in late autumn, the fermentation process lasted for a month, and after that the drink was used both as refreshment and a medicine. On St. Lucy's day wheat was sown and pilgrimage took place to St. Lucy's church on Skitača, while on St. John's day wine was blessed and straw was taken out of the house and placed on the fruit trees in order to give more fruits in the upcoming year.