Newsletter 2018


Labin Spring Gastro Rhapsody – Days of Asparagus and Cuttlefish 1. - 30. 4., 100 Miles of Istria April 6 - 8, Tour of Croatia, April 21, Rabac – Labin, Terra Albona Primavera, April 29, Labin, 15th Long Walk Day, April 21, Divine Springs Trail Rabac - Lab


Easter Breakfast 1 April, Labin Republic, Matthias Flacius Illyricus, Labin Area Bitter Vegetables, Rustic Delicacies at Markus Tavern, Bellavista Trail


Carnival in Labin, St. Valentine's Day Gastro Magic, Rialto and Giuseppina Martinuzzi, Valentine's Day with a View, Horse Riding Visit to Labin, Teran Bike Trail


Free Climbing in Rabac, Adriatic Squid Specialties, Instagram Visit Labin Rabac, 100 Miles of Istria Ultra-trail, Remedial Honey from Labin Area, Fairy tale Teapots