Would you like to go back to your childhood and see the forgotten landscape of the imagination? Step onto the magic footpath Labin - Rabac, which hides the secrets of the most beautiful natural surroundings. Fairy groves intersected with streams and rapids with seven bridges leading over, waterfalls of the Pećina stream cascading over winding tufa barriers and a mysterious cave with the clear spring that never runs dry will leave you breathless. Water once powered the old mills whose remains are found near the largest waterfall pouring into the turquoise lake. The stream valley ends next to the sea at Oliva camp in Maslinica bay. Passing through the canyon with a fresh scent of laurel, the Adriatic pine and yellow broom bushes you will breathe to the fullest. And you just might meet a fairy or a dwarf.

The path is 2.4 km long.  Altitude 236 m. Walking time (downhill) is about 1 hour.


For the sixth time the best sailing cruisers crews from Istria and Kvarner will show their skills in taming the wind and waves in front of the Rabac coast. As the Labin miners once with their solidarity managed to create Labin Republic, the same values of unity are passed on nowadays by the regatta competitors who achieve their victories using skill, agility and team spirit. In the 18th and 19th century, the picturesque bays of Rabac, Sv. Marina and Prtlog were anchorage sites for wooden sailing ships, whereas today the seamen skills and centuries-old maritime tradition of this area are transferred by fast boats. The two-day sailors’ gathering will include art workshop on sailing, majorettes’ performance, introducing the youngest with the Optimist class and the traditional evening entertainment at the waterfront with music and local specialties.


Before summer, refresh and tighten your face with exclusive revitalizing facial and décolleté treatment ‘Wine Therapy’. After the wine scrub with mashed grape, try body massage with grape seeds oil and relax in Mimosa wellness center.
In the hotel complex of flowers in Maslinica bay your body will be touched by the tenderness of various wellness treatments with relaxing aroma therapeutic and hydro massage.

Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, Rabac bb, PO Box 2, 52221 Rabac, Phone: +385 (0) 52 884 150, 170, 172, fax: +385 (0) 52 872 088,, e-mail:


After the therapeutic effects of wine on your skin, treat your taste buds with superb local wine Licul. For years a winemaker Dorijano Licul from Brgod with his Albona Malvasia and Teran Teron is located on the map of the top winemakers of Istria, and these droplets awarded with gold medals will bring joy and refreshment to every table. Just like sage – the queen of Labin glades that in May spreads its fragrant bluish-purple cloak. Ever since antiquity its sweet nectar helps treating sore throat, and if you want to use its leaves to make tea, hand-painted ceramic bowls for preserving the sage are offered at Solava Wine Shop. Next to sage honey and Licul wines here you can find a variety of grappa and Istrian truffles in oil.

Solava Wine Shop, 2 Sv. Katarine , 52220 Labin, Phone: +385 (0) 52 852-065, e-mail:


To those who love modern interiors Adoral hotel offers a unique experience with its minimalist interior, natural materials and warm Mediterranean colors - white, purple and red. Harmoniously integrated with the promenade overlooking the old town of Labin and Prtlog bay, one of the hottest boutique hotels in Istria represents a modern vision of Rabac architecture. As its name suggests, the hotel provides a fascinating vacation in each of its twelve rooms and suites with terraces where you can almost touch the sea. Treat yourself with a breakfast in the open and feel the spring breeze from the turquoise Rabac beaches.

Hotel Adoral, 2a Obala Maršala Tita, 52221 Rabac, Phone: +385 (0) 52 535 840,, e-mail:


The restaurant and family-run hotel Nostromo in the old part of Rabac, as its name suggests, is the leader of the culinary delights of eastern Istria. Treat yourself with the prime spring lunch with the scent of sea or a romantic dinner starting with wild asparagus soup, followed by the sea bream fillet stuffed with shrimps in capers sauce and polenta, or turkey steak with ham and local sage. Nostromo's widely famous shrimp and marinated anchovies complete with extensive wine list offering excellent Istrian wines and local olive oils Negri Olea BB of extra virgin quality. To end the top gastronomic experiences don’t forget to taste the sweet house specialty - chocolate ice cream topped with olive oil.

Hotel and restaurant Nostromo, 7 Obala Maršala Tita , 52221 Rabac, Phone/Fax: +385 (0) 52 872 601, e-mail:


International Museum Day on May 18th seems perfect to visit the National Museum in Labin, described by Lonely Planet as one of the ten most original museums in Croatia. The most attractive part of the museum located in the baroque Battiala-Lazzarini palace is situated in the basement which includes a mining shaft replica, recalling the rich history Labin coal mines. Interactive maps and photos on info displays will take you from prehistory to the present Labin. Visit the Memorial collection of Matthias Flacius Illyricus and find out how this Renaissance philosopher from Labin became a Lutheran reformer and the closest associate of Martin Luther, and even managed to have 19 children! Take a look at his most important works 'Magdeburg Centuries' – the 13- volume-Church history, and the 'Key to the Scriptures.'

Open Door Day on May 18th, admission free.

National Museum Labin, 6 1. svibnja, Labin, Phone: +385 (0) 52 852-477.
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10-13 h