A traditional folk fiesta Petrova is held on the occasion of St. Peter and Paul's Day, 29th  June.  Since ancient times, the longest days of the year were ideal for organizing Samonj i.e. a fair where home-made products from Labin area and the other parts of Istria were sold. A successful trade was always followed by wine and late night party. This year, visitors on the main old town square will be entertained by the popular Croatian singer Danijela Martinović, along with other musicians performing on San Marco walkway in front of the restaurant Kvarner, at Špina and Fortica (Locations inside the old town walls). In the main square beneath the ancient chestnut trees authentic Istrian products, including honey, wine, grappa, olive oil and native souvenirs will be sold and the local restaurants will be preparing traditional delicacies: fuži (Home-made pasta) with sausages, smoked ham, ombolo (Smoked pork loin), Labin krafi (Traditional sweet pastry filled with various stuffing) etc.

Start from 08:00 PM, Labin, Tito’s Square (Old town)


In order to answer the question why is Rabac called the pearl of Kvarner Bay you'll need to visit the most beautiful Istrian beaches, four of which- Maslinica St. Andrea, Lanterna and Girandella- are awarded with the environmental ‘Blue Flag’. Crystal clear waters, shades of turquoise blue sea that dives into a string of white pebbly beaches and a shade of green pines and Mediterranean vegetation will refresh and relax you during hot summer days. The Prižnja trekking route offering a stunning view of the island of Cres, will take you to the secluded pebbly coves on the east coast. However, should you seek for complete peace and solitude, head through the protected natural landscape on the slopes on the western side of Rabac Bay towards Prtlog. You’ll find those on Remac and Seničina beaches.
Info displays of Prohaska-Prižnja-Girandella trekking route are located in the parking lot above the Sanfior hotel, at the intersection of St. Andrea, above the Prižnja beach and on the route above Prohaska.


If you wish to feel the sunniest summer months in a new way, Sanfior Valamar hotel in Rabac offers you an unforgettable sunrise and sunset experience.  In the ‘Hello Sun’ programme Valamar hotels and Atlas Rabac travel agency organize for their guests an attractive early morning trip to Skitača, a village in the Labin peninsula, known for St.  Lucy’s well (St. Lucy is the patron of the village) that emerges from the rocks and never dries out.  After a morning washing with miracle water of St. Lucy’s well which is believed to  keep your eyes healthy, enjoy the massages of lymphatic drainage and infrared sauna in dry atmosphere at 45˚C, which will have a beneficial effect on your bones and muscles in Sanfior wellness center. Once relaxed and feeling calmed, finish the day enjoying the sunset over Skitaca looking from your room.

Sanfior Valamar reservation center: Phone: +385 (0)52 465-200
e-mail: reservations@valamar.com

Atlas Rabac, Rabac bb c / o  Hotel Allegro,  Phone:  +385 (0)52 872-268
 e-mail:  atlas-rabac@pu.t-com.hr
web site: www.atlas-istra.hr


Just like pearls in the shell, Vale Vista, Miramare, Rapčanka, Lino and Primorje, are names of the restaurants located along the Rabac promenade that offer seafood specialties.  Pleasing aromas of grilled shrimps, fresh sea bass and dentex mixed with aromatic flavors of rosemary and invigorating maneštra (Home-made minestrone soup with vegetables) will please your taste buds. Enjoy the local food and authentic Rabac recipes for preparing fresh fish and complete it by selecting some of the best white wines of eastern Istria.

Vale Vista Restaurant, 11 Obala M. Tita, Rabac, Phone: ++385 (0)52 872-167, e-mail:  valdi.licul@pu.t-com.hr

Restaurant Miramare, Obala M. Tita bb, Rabac, Phone: + +385 (0)52 872-146, e-mail: miramare1@pu.t-com.hr

Restaurant Rapčanka, 31 Obala M. Tita, Rabac, Phone: + +385 (0)52 872-784

Restaurant Lino, 57 Obala Maršala Tita, Rabac, Phone: + +385 (0)52 872-629,  suzana.hrvatin@pu.t-com.hr

Restaurant Primorje, Obala Maršala Tita bb, Phone:  + +385 (0)52 872-217


Starry sky, sea breeze, the view on the old town of Labin and romantic sounds of the biggest hits of the legendary Frank Sinatra is a magical combination by which a popular Croatian singer Massimo Savić, accompanied by the large Croatian Radio Television Big Bend, will delight you. Massimo always performs with special pleasure in his hometown, and this time he’ll entertain the guests of Rabac and Labin at the concert Sinatra performed by Massimo. Eighteen Sinatra’s hits interpreted by Massimo’s velvety baritone will get a special charm in Rabac night. So bring your dear one and give him or her unforgettable pleasure at a free concert under the stars. If you are single perhaps at this concert you’ll meet your fateful ‘Stranger in the Night’.

Rabac promenade, start at 9:30n PM. Admission free.


Every Tuesday during July and August, starting from July 5th,  as a part of the traditional cultural event Labin Art Republic, there will be a free night tour organized around the old town of Labin. With expert guidance in English, German and Italian discover interesting and turbulent history of Labin through legends, stories and unusual events.

The tour starts at 9.30 PM in front of the Tourist info center in the old town, ending at 11:00 PM with tasting the local grappa.

Start at 9:30 PM, Tourist information center, 10 Tito’s Square
The tour is free of charge.