The picturesque village of Kranjci, situated three kilometers from Labin, reveals the legend of hidden treasure on a new tourist path heading to St. Flor’s church. Walking over groves and paths of rustling autumn leaves that end up on a hill at the church, you will hear the legend of the wealthy Greeks who had it built in the sixth century. Due to seven-year drought they had to withdraw from this area, but a part of gold load was too heavy for their horses, so they buried it near the little church with a secret vow which was never revealed. The church is on the list of protected cultural monuments of Croatia, and is dedicated to the same bishop whose feast is celebrated on October 27th. The feast is to be held on Saturday October 29th and you can experience the tradition of the local village, and full autumn idyll round up with the local dishes in Rogočana tavern in the neighboring village of the same name. It takes 20 minutes to walk from Kranjci to the church, and you can also go by bike.
Rogočana tavern, Rogočana, Phone: + 385 (0) 52 852-576, e-mail: info@konobarogocana.com


Spring is not the only time to fall in love. You can fall in love during autumn in the romantic atmosphere of Hotel Valamar Sanfior in Rabac. Treat your loved one with an unforgettable atmosphere with a canopy bed decorated with fresh flowers, champagne and strawberries in chocolate, heart-shaped pillows and romantic wellness programs.  With the warm flicker of candles and the smell of chocolate relax with chocolate massage, foot reflexology and hot stone massage. After pleasant Finnish and Turkish saunas and rest in the relaxation room with comfortable relaxing sounds, finish the day with a romantic dinner overlooking the sea and enjoy the cocktails. After that, everything is left to your imagination…

Hotel Valamar Sanfior, Phone: +385 (0)52 465 200, e-mail: reservations@valamar.com, www.valamar.com/hr/sanfior-hotel-rabac/wellness


Wineries and wine cellars become vivid after the September harvest. Have a taste of the best local wines on the wine road that begins in Dorian Licul’s cellar in Brgod with wines Albona and Teron. Follow those two and go to Ripenda Breg and Markus tavern where you can try authentic over hundred year old wine varieties. Continue to Sveta Nedelja and Romeo Licul’s teran and the Radičanin family wines. From the vineyards of San Martino in Sveti Martin try a merlot. Finish your wine tour in Pićan with Sergo wines, and in Kukurini visit the Baćac family winery with a 75 year old tradition. Award-winning malvasia Calypso Histria (Silver medal at wine show Vinistra 2011) and merlot Calypso Nera will match perfectly with the Istrian prosciutto, fritule (traditional sweet pastry) and sounds of the accordion. For the pleasure of drinking the finest wines of Labin area at home, returning to Labin go to Butega souvenir store and buy wine glasses engraved with the town motifs.

Doriano Licul, 40 Brgod, Raša; Phone: 052 875-063; Dino Knapić, Restaurant and pension Markus, 36A Ripenda Breg, Phone: 052 856-903, www.markus.hr ; Romeo Licul, Sv.  67 Nedelja, Sveta Nedelja Phone: 052 865-401; Florian Radičanin 32B Sv. Martin, Sveta Nedelja, Phone: 052 865-688, San Martino vinyards, 105 Dubrova, Labin, Phone: 052 851 912, e-mail: info@vinosanmartino.com ;  Sergo wines, 59 Ivšići, Sv. Katarina, Pićan Phone: 052 850-653, e-mail silvia.vlacic@gmail.com ; Goran Baćac, 16 Kukurini, Pićan Phone: 052 869-090, e-mail: gbacac@net.hr


Your head in the clouds, your feet in the sea and a smile on your face after tasting the local specialties in one of the best Istrian restaurants is the atmosphere at Villa Calussovo. This farmhouse decorated in typical Istrian style is situated on a hill in the village Ripenda Kras above Rabac. Let yourself be seduced with the cuisine offering local flavors and scents, a delightful view of the sea and the courtesy of the host. Relax in the silence of the village, relax in one of the twelve rustically furnished rooms, and your hosts, the Milevoj family, will at the fireplace prepare the roasted meat, veal stuffed with smoked pork loin and prosciutto, the local dessert krafi, warm homemade bread with asparagus and prosciutto and fresh cottage cheese and goat cheese with pepper and walnuts, truffles or olives.
Villa Calussovo, Milevoj family, 18 Ripenda Kras, Labin, Phone: +385 (0) 52 851-188, e-mail: villacalussovo@aol.com, www.villa-calussovo.com


Everything you wanted to know about Labin, and you missed to find out on vacation, you'll find in a bookstore- souvenir shop ‘Libreti i Rikordi’ in the old town of Labin. Choose between books about the historical and cultural heritage of Labin, local dialect glossary, vintage postcards and posters depicting Labin area, handmade canvas bags depicting the old town, Labin Republic, Matthias Flacius Illyricus and Rabac, or the mouse pad depicting Labin, and while doing so, listen to interesting stories about the town history told by the owner, a journalist and publicist Marijan Milevoj. If you want to learn more on the unknown details about the town and interesting sketches of Labin, read his new book about the prominent citizens of Labin ‘Kratke skice za sto i jedno lice’ (In Croatian).
Bookstore and souvenir shop ‘Libreti i Rikordi’, 3 G. Martinuzzi, Labin old town, Phone: + +385 (0) 52 852 264. Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 10-2.30 PM, 6-8.30 PM, Sat: 10-02 PM. e -mail: mat.flacius@gmail.com, www.mat-flacius.hr


The beauty of the Glagolitic alphabet, the oldest Slavic script generated in the 9th century, the artist Beti Kranjčević formed in the original hand-made photo frames. Enjoy your favorite photos on the wall framed in colorful Glagolitic letters with a small pickle man hanging on them. Use your vacation photos to set up the whole word, and all the secrets you do not want to tell anyone else put in a decorative book-shaped box with the image of Labin reformer Matthias Flacius Illyricus. Wise words of this Renaissance philosopher are always good to be read, and Beti’s artistic watercolors depicting the old town can further enhance your home.
Beti Kranjčević, Hand made Artur, 15 Plomin Luka, Mobile phone: 091 580-3024.
Butega souvenir shop, Old town of Labin, 1 Paolo Sfeci, Mobile phone: 095 9087-866. Opening hours: every day 9 – 9 PM.