Battle of the Uskoks

The most exciting medieval story of Labin was first told on the night of 19th/20th January 1599 when around six hundred Uskoks attacked the small town on top of a hill surrounded with city walls. The military organized group of Uskoks fighting against the Ottomans and the Venetian Republic tried to enter the town defended by only thirty soldiers and some three hundred armed men. The legend says that the outnumbered Labinians led by a soldier Gianbatista Negri, their vicar Priam Luciani and the commander Pietro de Rini used trickery. After they slaughtered an ox, they shed his blood near the town gate, and put iron in several barrels which they started rolling down steep streets creating deafening noise. It all sounded as if they had a well- organized defence system, and the Uskoks were convinced they suffered considerable losses. With several dead and unfinished work (they managed to rob only one building), the furious Uskoks were forced to flee. As January 20th is celebrated as St. Sebastian's Day, the people of Labin considered the named saint meritorious for defeating their town and therefore, in order to show their gratitude, proclaimed him their patron saint.

The Most Beautiful Labin Area Rustic Villas

Numerous villa renters in Labin and its surroundings offer guaranteed comfortable and quality private accommodation marked with Istrian quality label Domus Bonus. The picturesque indigenous houses and villas with pools, rustic furniture and friendly hosts 'pampering' you with home-made specialities will make you instantly fall in love with Labin area. Enjoy the rural idyll of Marceljani village near Labin at Villa Favola offering a warm atmosphere of Labin home with the open fire and a rustic kitchen. The 18th century Villa Gelci offers white canopies and lots of antique decorative details such as old suitcases from overseas voyages by the local sailors who left their village Trget looking for a better life. Villa Walnut at Ruzici welcomes you with its refined interior with a combination of traditional Istrian materials- stone and wrought iron.
Bukaleta 1, Dijana Salamon, 10 Lanisce , Cepic Krsan, phone: +385 (0)52 867 083, mobile: +385 (0)91 566 8669, e-mail: sara.salamon@pu.t-com.hr
Villa Favola, Davor Mileta, 52 Marceljani, Labin, phone: +385 (0)52 852 280, mobile: +385 (0)98 258 988, e-mail: davormileta@net.hr
Villa Gelci, Loris Diminic 6 Ivanusic, Trget, phone: +385 (0)52 857 092, mobile: +385 (0)98 495 654, e-mail: loris.diminic@pu.t-com.hr, www.villagelci.com
Walnut, Romano Ruzic 34 Ruzici, Nedescina, phone: 385 (0)52 863 286 / 289, mobile: +385 (0)99 800 4502, e-mail: rinashouse@net.hr

Boskarin Is Served

Take a walk around the narrow streets of Plomin and let yourself be seduced by the enchanting scents coming from home-made cuisine at Dorina restaurant. Enjoy the meals with boskarin (Istrian ox) served in the restaurants marked with the prestige AZRRI certificate, confirming the high quality of Istrain ox meat preparation. Try the exotic combination of quality local meat and indigenous wild plants from the Labin area. The menu includes bosakrin soup with home-made noodles; boskarin boiled served with leek and saffron puree and grilled sliced potato, bosakrin Carpaccio on arugula with fresh cottage cheese.
Dorina Restaurant , 54 Plomin , Plomin, phone: + 385 (0) 52 863 023, mobile: +385 (0)91 286 3023, 091 568 4000, e-mail: restoran.dorina@gmail.com

Trail of Holy Women

The path of sacred art will conjure you a story about the importance and impact of women in the everyday life of Labin. During the intensive mining era, Labin women fearing for the lives of their husbands, miners, engaged in housework, worked hard on the barren land and carried water in buckets from the distant wells. Therefore they frequently sought solace and spiritual help from their saint patronesses. The trail walk includes nine churches and chapels, starting from Labin town, and finishing all the way in Sumber village, Sv. Martin and Rasa. Enjoy the sacral, cultural and architectural heritage of Labin area. More information available from Labin Rabac Paths and Trails: www.rabac-labin.com/hr/46-download-of-catalogues

Labin Colours

Colour the gloomy January with the colouring of Labin painter and Art teacher Adalgisa Narcisa Skopac. The colourful Labin poplars, wavy stone houses and cheerful fish from Rabac bays are just a few of the happy motifs used by this artist whose art studio is open for public in Labin Old town. Expressionistic landscapes showing labin and its surroundings in the paintings made by Adalgisa N. Skopac might inspire you to look for the undiscovered parts of Labin area, and with their artistic beauty they can enrich hour home.
Adalgisa Narcisa Skopac, Atelier Uno, 7/III G. Martinuzzi, phone: +385 (0)98 890 041

Perfumed Balls

Enjoy the natural scents of Labin aromatic herbs even in winter. Enrich your home with hand-made perfumed balls, made from recycled paper and filled with lavender, rosemary, sage and olice tree leaves. This original souvenir from Sentona's collection tells a century old story of Istrian herbs collecting tradition. The herbs were used for cooking and folk medicine. Packed in recycled cardboard boxes, these souvenirs encourage environmental friendly consciousness of the Labin area visitors, and are available from Butega Souvenir shop, 1 Paolo Sfeci, Labin Old town, mobile: +385 (0)97 751 7782.