Villa Annette Romance

Hotel Villa Annette**** with the most spectacular view overlooking the Rabac bay will make this Valentine's day an unforgettable experience for all gastro and natural romance fans. Choose your romantic package and enjoy the passionate tastes of the home olive oil brand Villa Annette Selection, aphrodisiac truffles, modern minimalistic interior in natural surroundings of olive trees and pearly Rabac beaches. The experienced sommeliers will introduce you with more than hundred and twenty sorts of wine complementing the original dishes prepared the way our grandmas used to cook. Crown your love magic with a wedding at Villa Annette. Mediterranean garden surrounding the pool area overlooking the sea and a spectacular sunset view could be your ideal wedding location.
Villa Annette, hotel & restaurant, 24 Raška, Rabac, phone: +385(0)52 884 222, fax: +385(0)52 884 225, e-mail: villa.annette@pu.t-com.hr, www.villa-annette.com


Fishermen’s romance at Nostromo

Captains’ love stories and the exciting tales on seductive mermaids will lead you to the ancient times when Rabac was a fishermen’s village whose tradition is kept in Nostromo hotel & restaurant. Just a few steps away from the sea enjoy the rustic atmosphere in the rooms overlooking the sunset. Relax and share your love over the indigenous Labin goddess Sentona’s menu. Along with the well-known Kvarner bay scampi, enjoy the mixed seafood starter with garlic and celery, fish fillet with local herbs (rosemary, sage and bay leaf), grilled zucchini and aubergine sprinkled with one of the world’s best olive oil brands, Negri’s oil from Labin. Delicious local figs in honey will be a perfect dessert for your sweet Valentine’s Day in Rabac.
Nostromo hotel & restaurant, 7 Obala maršala Tita, Rabac, phone/fax: +385(0)52 872 601, e-mail: info@nostromo.hr, www.nostromo.hr/hotel-restaurant


Labin Engagement Tradition

Back in the ancient times it wasn’t easy for a young man from Labin to buy an engagement ring for his beloved girlfriend. While the noblemen would look for the ring in the jewelers in Italy, the humble men from Labin would patiently wait for holidays, St.Peter’s Day in June and St. Justus in November. Namely, there were fairs held on those days, where they could buy engagement rings and fabric for wedding suits. Goldsmiths and filigree artists from Pazin and Vodnjan as well as silk and luxury fabric traders from Rijeka and Friuli Region would visit the town. It was a custom after the holy mass and a procession that the young men would go around the shops and choose the finest rings, earrings or coral necklaces for their girlfriends. The fairs were open from early in the morning till late night, with lots of fun and love proposals.


Carnival in Labin

Enjoy the wildest month with Labin carnival group known as Labinjonska Kompanija Domoća Folšarija. In Labin and the surrounding area the carnival period before Lent is celebrated with carnival parades of allegory vehicles. People of all ages take part, they dance, play football wearing the funny costumes and doing all sorts of funny things. Become a new person for a moment, experience the unforgettable atmosphere and join the joyful parties in Labin and around which will last till March 4th, Shrove Tuesday and the end of carnival fests when traditionally a man-like doll called Pust, blamed for all bad things in the previous year, is burned.


Giuseppina Martinuzzi

On St. Valentine’s Day the people from Labin proudly celebrate the birthday of Labin’s most famous female writer, teacher and one of the world’s first Socialists. Giuseppina Martinuzzi was born on February 14th 1844 in Labin to a respectful family of Labin mayor Giovanni Martinuzzi. Like many girls from that time high society she wanted to become a teacher. Working as a teacher for thirty-two years, teaching the working class and peasants’ children from Trieste all the way to Stari Grad (Hvar island), she became a favorite “teacher of the poor”. Her work Manuale Mnemonico (Mnemonic Manual), published in 1866, stands as an example of creating maps which help memorizing data. At the beginning of the 20th century she got involved in politics and passionately represented the ideas of human like socialism and published her most famous work dealing with social issues, the poem Ingiustizia (Injustice). She has written numerous pedagogy studies and primary school text books. Head to Labin National Museum where you’ll find everything about the exciting life of G. Martinuzzi, who passed away in Labin on November 25th 1925.


Krafi from Labin

Krafi is the most famous traditional meal in Labin. Although you can try various sorts of krafi in other parts of Istria, krafi from Labin are unique in a way that they are served covered with sweet dressing as a dessert or salty side dish to the main course. Krafi are a sort of ravioli, in Labin area filled with a mixture of cheese, raisins and walnuts and sprinkled with sweet dressing. The salty krafi are served with meat sauce, mostly chicken. Over the past years krafi became a specialty popular with the tourists. The local restaurants in Labin and Rabac therefore offer, along with the traditional style krafi, various sorts of krafi with home -made ingredients. At Rogočana tavern krafi are served fried with sage honey topping, while Velo kafe offers a fresh summer sort with mint and cherry sauce. Don’t miss krafi perfumed with orange and lemon curd in walnut sauce at Tomažići restaurant, or krafi flamed with orange juice at Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior.
Rogočana Tavern, 1 Rogočana, phone: +385 (0)52 852-576, www.konobarogocana.com, e-mail: info@konobarogocana.com
Velo kafe Restaurant & Café, 12 Titov trg, Labin, phone: +385 (0)52 852-745, e-mail: alvona@pu.t-com.hr
Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior**** Rabac, phone: +385 (0)52 862-220, e-mail: valamarsanfior@riviera.hr
Tomažići Restaurant, 59° Tomažići, Nedešćina, phone: +385 (0)52 865-535, e-mail: valdi.licul1@pu.t-com.hr