Wine Magic near the Sea 5. 9., Rabac

While the hard-working wine-growers reap their fruits with the last days of summer, enjoy the oenological magic of southeastern Istria near the sea within the presentation of indigenous local products. Taste the premium wines made by a young winemaker Goran Baćac from the village Kukurini near Pićan who is following the 75 year old family tradition of wine-making. Taste the exquisite 2013 Yellow Muscat and Malvasia and award-winning Malvasia Calypsa Histria and Merlot Calypsa Nera. Winemaker Romeo Licul will delight you with a full and refreshing taste of his Muscat, Teran, Malvasia and Merlot. From a wide range of wines made by the Benazić family named after women, along with risotto with seafood or shells, choose the Rose Cabernet Sauvignon Veronika with the freshness and fragrance of strawberries and raspberries. Let Malvasia made by a young Labin winemaker Lari Juričić inspire you to make Istrian dishes at home. To fully enjoy the magic of wine there are traditional handmade ceramic jugs (called bukaleta in Croatian) produced by Merania craft shop from Labin with cheerful and humorous inscriptions of Istrian toast that will bring the joy of fruits of the Sun into your home.
Presentation of the indigenous local products
Rabac waterfront, 8 - 11 PM

Labin Old town Night Sightseeing 2. and 9. 9.

Don’t miss the last free-of-charge sightseeing tours around Labin Old town, as part of this year Labin Art Republic. Feel the atmosphere of ancient times listening to your guides dressed in local mineworkers’ uniforms or the local goddess Sentona, travellers’ patroness. Hear the interesting stories and legends about the famous Church reformer Matthias Flacius Illyricus, Labin Republic founded by the brave local miners, discover exciting details from the life of Labin nobility and find out how the medieval men from Labin fought against the Uskoks. The tour starts at 9.30 PM in front of Tourist Info point in Labin Old town and ends in front of Negri Art gallery at 11 PM, with local products tasting. The tour is available in Croatian, English, German, Italian and Czech.

Gran premio di folklore - International Folklore Festival 19. - 21. 9., Rabac

Say welcome to autumn arriving with dances and music of European folk groups at the international folklore festival, this year bringing two folk groups from Ukraine. The waterfront in Rabac will be decorated in colourful folk costumes and full of European folk tradition sounds. As part of the festival you’ll be able to see the rich folklore tradition of Istria and Labin area, with performances of folk ensemble RKUD Rudar from Raša, preserving the tradition of Istrian folklore for 68 years. Their ethnological collection includes more than 250 years old costume and traditional Istrian musical instruments-150 years old large and small sopele (traditional woodwind instrument, similar to the oboe). All performances start in the evening, with the solemn mass and a parade on the waterfront in Rabac on the last day of festival.

Industrial Art Biennial 19. 9. - 4. 10., Labin

Industrial Art Biennial is a new festival project of Labin Art Express XXI which will be held in industrial sites in Labin and Raša, and Labin Town Library. The Biennial gathers various art forms, including light installations, music, visual arts and new media, which explore and discuss the meaning of art, science and technology interaction. The Biennial opens with a concert by iconic Slovenian band Laibach and an exhibition „Red revers“ at Culture Centre Lamparna on September 19th at 8 PM. Along with the numerous Croatian and foreign artists' performances one of the most attractive performances includes a concert and light installation „Red Empty“ by a Swedish composer and visual artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff. „Red Empty“ is part of the project that Hausswolff has been producing for years across the world, mostly in abandoned and neglected sites of historical and cultural interest. The light installation will be built on Teleferika (ruins of the old cable car for coal transportation) in Rabac on Septemeber 27th at 8 PM, with the artist performing live in concert exploring the range of low frequency sounds.

Rabac Regatta 20. - 21. 9., Rabac

The tradition of the first Rabac Regatta began 1973 when it was one of the biggest and most popular regattas for the Optimist class in the Adriatic. After a few years’ break in the 1990s, since 2000 it is organized on a regular basis without breaks until today. Kvarner Sailing Club organizes Rabac Regatta for classes Optimist, Laser 4.7 and Laser Radial. The first oout of five races starts on September 20th at 11. Pasta party is scheduled on the first day after the race, and awards ceremony with Pizza party are on the next day.
Kvarner Rabac Sailing Club
Info: +385 (0)98 234-667

Family Exploring in Rabac

Get the most of last summer days, when the sea water is the warmest and the Sun gently caresses your skin. Enjoy the fantastic family package holiday in Valamar facilites in Rabac. Numerous white pebble beaches with Blue Flag, crystal clear water and green Mediterranean flora invite you to practise sports, recreate, relax and explore. After the fruit welcome cocktail take your family on a trip to Cres, visit the National Museum in Labin and enjoy the spectacular environment of Rabac. Double rooms start from €83 per night.