Valamar Trail Rabac Octotber 4th

Explore Rabac and its surroundings by running the exciting Valamar trail race (13km/21km/53km/73km). The race starts and finishes in front of Valamar Sanfior 4* hotel in Rabac on October 4th. If you prefer bike adventures, book your holiday and accommodation at Allegro 3* hotel in Rabac. The hotel provides total technical and logistic support so you can relax and enjoy all the bike trails, hills and valleys of the beautiful Istria. Storage room for bikes is available, as well as special high energy meals, route maps, bike rent and all information on cycling routes suitable for all levels of ability. Double rooms are available from 70€/night.


St Florentius’ Trail - World Walking Day October 15th

Discover all seven tourist trails and walking paths in Labin and Rabac stretching along the coast line, the waterfalls, brooklets, hills and mountain glades. One of the most beautiful trails is St Florentius’ trail, located in Kranjci village, 3 km away from Labin. Enjoy the autumn colours and the atmosphere of rural life and take a walk down the 2 km long trail and discover a legend of Greek treasure hidden under the Romanesque church dedicated to St Florentius. According to the local legend the church was built by the Greeks during the Byzantine Empire. They were extremely rich, a seven year draught came and due to hunger they had to abandon the place. They packed their small chariot with gold, but because the gold was too heavy, they buried a part of it in a cauldron somewhere around the church with a secret vow. They’ve never returned for the gold, and the vow remains a secret. The church was built in the mid-6th century on a hill top down the village. You’ll find a valuable altar and stone plates decorated with braided ornamentation. St Florentius’ Day is celebrated on October 27th, and the mass is served on the last Saturday in October.
Labin and Rabac trails and walking paths map download available from:


Labin Forests Divine Queens

Indigenous menus of Labin’s goddess Sentona-the patroness of travelers, bring you autumn rhapsody of tastes created in the local forests. Since ancient times mushrooms were considered as one of the basic ingredients in the local cuisine, and October is the peak season of the most precious white truffle. The forests surrounding Labin also abound with boletus and trooping funnel, so why not try fuži (home-made pasta) with boletus or home-made cheese with truffles served on toast topped with truffle oil and dried figs, available from Velo Kafe in Labin Old town. On your way to Rabac, head to Due Fratelli, a restaurant surrounded with forests and spectacular view of the old town, you won’t be able to resist the steak with sauce (called “Forest style steak”) made of local mushrooms, pancetta and served with potato halves. Tomažići restaurant, located in the homonymous village close to Labin offers home-made ravioli stuffed with venison in mixed mushroom sauce perfumed in Teran wine. Finally, listen to the Truffles Story with home-made ravioli with cheese and ricotta in black truffle sauce at Dorina restaurant in Plomin.
Velo Kafe Restaurant and Café, 12 Titov trg, Labin, Phone: +385 (0)52 852-745, e-mail: alvona@pu.t-com.hr
Tomažići Restaurant, 59a Tomažići, Nedešćina, Phone: +385 (0)52 865-535, e-mail: valdi.licul1@pu.t-com.hr
Dorina Restaurant, 54 Plomin, Phone: +385 (0)52 863 023, Mobile: +385 (0)91 286 3023, e-mail: restoran.dorina@gmail.com
Due Fratelli Restaurant, 6 Montozi, Labin, Phone: +385 (0)52 853 577, Mobile: +385 (0)98 366 498, (0)98 334 030, e-mail: due-fratelli@pu.t-com.hr, www.due-fratelli.com


All Roads Lead to Wine Cellars

While you’re exploring the local trails and walking paths, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Labin Wine Road. Head to Kukurini village and discover 75 year old family tradition of viticulture accompanied by the young award winning wine maker Goran Baćac. Enjoy the traditional Istrian music while tasting award-winning wines Malvasia Calypsa Histria and Teran Calypsa Nera, prosciutto and cheese. The longest tradition of wine making in Labin area dates back to the 19th century in a village Sv. Martin 10 km away from Labin. With the fresh scent of pine and cedar in agritourism Kaštel Pineta run by the Radičanin family have a taste of premium wines in a castle once owned by the family of noblemen, the Lazzarinis from Labin. The largest winery in Labin area, Vinogradi San Martino, will delight you with their Merlot Piero. In the home atmosphere of konoba Markus at Ripenda Breg you’ll hardly be able to resist Teran and hundred year old varieties of wine, with scents of Istrian prosciutto and sausages which are dried hanging above the barrels. In Sveta Nedelja, look for Romeo Licul and have a glass of the queen of Istrian vineyards- Malvasia. Finish your wine tasting tour at Doriano Licul’s wine cellar in Brgod, with a glass of Barrique Albona (the old name for Labin).
Goran Baćac, 16 Kukurini, Pićan, Phone: +385 (0)52 869-090, e-mail: gbacac@net.hr
Romeo Licul, 67 SV. Nedelja, Sveta Nedelja, Phone: +385 (0)52 865-401
Vinogradi San Martino, 105 Dubrova, Labin, Phone: +385 (0)52 851 912, Mobile: +385 (0)98 981 5380, e-mail: info@vinosanmartino.com, www.vinosanmartino.com
Doriano Licul, 40 Brgod, Raša, Phone: +385 (0)52 875- 063, Mobile: +385 (0)91 1337-408
Dino Knapić. Restaurant and guest house Markus, 36A Ripenda Breg, Phone: +385 (0)52 856-903, www.markus.hr
Kaštel Pineta, 32/b Sv. Martin, 522231 Nedešćina, www.kastelpineta.com, e-mail: info@kastelpineta.com, Phone: +385 (0)52 865- 688, fax: 865-015, Mobile: +385 (0)91 1865-688


Wellness Wine Therapy – Hotel Mimosa 4*, Rabac

During the “wine month”, a visit to exclusive wellness wine therapy at Mimosa 4* Hotel in Rabac is a must. Maslinica Hotels & Resorts with their experienced wellness experts provide the memorable experience of relaxation and massage “Wine Therapy”. Refresh and lift your tired face skin with a revitalization face and décolleté treatment that includes wine peeling, grape mask and body massage with grape seeds oil. After the treatment have a walk through olive groves to the near-by Sentona’s trail Labin-Rabac and relax listening to the fresh sounds of waterfalls located hundred meters from the sea. Finish your pleasant wine day with a light supper of Kvarner bay seafood specialties and a glass of local Malvasia.
Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, Rabac, Phone: +385 (0) 52 884 150, e-mail: info@maslinica-rabac.com, www.maslinica-rabac.com


Labin City Gallery

Labin Old town is the most romantic place in autumn, when the colorful leaves cover the quiet streets. The main street in the Old town leads you to the Labin City gallery, where you’ll find a solo exhibition “Meadows” by Miljenka Šepić, a painter from Opatija (closing date: October 16th). The international award-winning artist is inspired by the landscape in which she creates her works. In a symbolic way her poetic colorful paintings connect the variety of spring and autumn colours. Finish your stroll around the romantic historic center with a visit to National Museum or a parish church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, both located opposite the gallery.
Labin City Gallery, 5 1.Maja, Labin 52220, Phone: +385 (0) 52 852 123
e-mail: galerijalabin@gmail.com
Opening hours: 10-14h (Mon-Sat)