November in Labin and Rabac

Perin Oil - Olive Oil Nobleness

Enjoy the noble taste of Istrian olives available from olive oil production plant run by the Perinić family, situated in the homonymous village near Pićan. The exclusive olive oil production plant in Labin area offers extra virgin olive oil- Oil Perin, made from the finest Istrian sorts. While tasting the olive oil, find the secrets of olive oil production process. Early November is the time to feel the rich taste of young and thick oil, while the other half of this month brings the rich and mature taste. On your way back from the production plant, head to one of the numerous Labin restaurants and try the finest Istrian olive oil used in home- made maneštra (local minestrone soup), cabbage, pasta with salted sardines and other local specialities.
Perinić Olive Oil Poroduction Plant, Perinić d.o.o., 33b Perinići, Pićan, Phone: +385 (0)52 869 134, Mobile: +385 (0)99 2869 134, e-mail:,


Power Goddess Wellness Weekend

After the exhausting week relax with your friends and restore strength with wellness weekend available from Mimosa 4* in Rabac. Eliminate fatigue and lack of energy with the original massage Power Goddess from Sentona, Labin patroness of travellers, massage offer. Fifty minute anti-stress massage with the local bay laurel essential oil from Labin area is suitable for confident young women as well as working middle-aged women. This massage stimulates the lymph and blood circulation, it relaxes stiff muscles and relieves back pain caused by working long hours. Bay laurel essential oil is the symbol of beauty, success and the winners; it encourages self-confidence, abundance and braveness for new life victories. Treat yourself with natural cosmetics made with bay laurel essential oil made in Labin, which you'll find at Mimosa Wellness centre. For a full experience, take a walk down Sentona's Labin-Rabac trail. Breathe in the fresh aroma of bay laurel tress near the waterfalls and spring water.
Hotel Mimosa 4*, Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, Rabac, Phone: +385 (0) 52 884 150, e-mail:,


St Martin's Day at Sveti Martin

The tradition of winemaking in the picturesque village of Sveti Martin, 10 km from Labin, dates back to the 19th century. In the wine cellar at Kaštel Pineta agritourism run by the Radičanin family have a taste of Malvasia and Merlot, and sleep in a castle which was once owned by the noble family Battiala – Lazzarini from Labin. The baron Nikola Lazzarini was an agronomist who took care of the large estates from his castle, which, alongside the residential area, also included stables, barns, and large cellars with fine wines sorted by origin and year of production. Saint Martin, whose feast is celebrated on November 11th, is not the patron of wine makers and wine growers, but also the horsemen. Therefore, the wine label of San Martino wines, produced by the largest winery in Labin area, Vinogradi San Martino, shows a stylized figure of the prancing horse., tel: +385 (0)52 493 118, e-mail:


Labin Wells

Back in the past the water springs were the center of life for the local people. The Šćurak spring situated in Podvinje below the city walls was the main spring, surrounded by large urban garden where the women used to bring water in heavy tanks called brente. Wealthy families had the wells (known as šterne) built to collect rainwater inside the courtyards of their palaces. Rural houses had their kalić (a pond) with a large block of carved stone used for lifting the heavy tanks. Water supply network was first introduced in Labin in 1937, when the fountain was built on San Marco promenade in Labin Old town. The tradition in the village of Kranjci says that the bride on her wedding day takes the tank –brenta and goes to the spring where the best man would help her to fill the tank while the guests throw in money for a prosperous marriage. Discover the wells and springs in Labin on Divine Springs trail.


Countryside Dream Holiday

Take a peek into the ancient times in Labin area enjoying an exclusive vacation in the renovated rural houses and estates. On the border of Učka Nature Park, in Kožljak village below the peak Sisol, there's a luxurious estate with a residential building built in 1907. The spacious stone estate Stancija Sisol*** is decorated with traditional wooden beams, the floors are made of teracotta, and standing on the porch and by the pool in front of the house you'll enjoy a spectacular view over mount Učka and Čepić fields. An idyllic atmosphere for vacation of a a large family or group of friends gets complemented with the picturesque images of the surrounding meadows and hills with grazing cows goats and sheep. Located in the near-by village of Vozilići, Đani Vozila**** rural home is ready for you to enjoy preparing meals outdoors, using the fireplace or wood-fired oven, or just relax on the patio overlooking the garden. Stone-built rural home Marija Lorena*** in the village of Gora Glušići, will delight you with the rustic details and antique furniture. House Donada*** will provide you with an atmosphere of warmth and tradition of Istrian village back in the days when the houses had their own wells (called šterna) and a patio with a pergola.
Stancija Sisol***, Neven Ferenčić, 53 Kožljak, Phone: +385(0)52 86 4003, Mobile: +385(0)91 5968 960, e-mail:
Đani Vozila****, Đani Vozila, 17 Vozilići , Phone: +385 (0)91 528 3800
Marija Lorena***, Lorena Licul, 16 Gora Glušići, Phone: +385 (0)52 855 790, Mobile: +385 (0)98 961 0120, e-mail:
Donada***, Donada Josip, 41 Ružići , Phone: +385 (0)52 858 324, Mobile: +385 (0)91 8877 909, e-mail:


Prosciutto Spreads

Following the tradion of rural Labin area, family run Baní Prosciutto Plant produces dried ham (prosciutto) with the help of northern wind bura, right next to the sea in Crni village, situated in the south of Labin peninsula. The genuine Istrian prosciutto, traditionally served as an appetizer, at Baní Prosciutto Plant is used to make spread. Following the secret family recipe bits of prosciutto hormoniusly join fruits of the forest and surrounding hills. With a glass of new wine, enjoy the rich tastes of prosciutto spread with truffles, olives, porcini mushrooms and wild herbs, and spend the unforgettable late autumn in one of the konoba (a tavern) in Labin and its surrounding area.
Baní Prosciutto Plant, Obrt za trgovinu i proizvodnju Meso – Labin, 11/4c Karla Kranjca, Labin, Mobile: +385 (0)91 211 0471, e-mail: