January in Labin and Rabac

Camping Marina 4* - The First Camping in Croatia with Diving Pool

In the village of Sveta Marina near Labin and Rabac you’ll find camping Marina - the first 4-star camping on the east coast of Istria. Due to its excellent location by the sea and the rich underwater flora and fauna of the Kvarner Bay, this camping is designed for the underwater adventure in the diving centre which was named one of the best in the Mediterranean. In 2015 this divers’ paradise will be enriched with a new relax infinity pool by the sea and the newly renovated beach, for initial training at an adequate depth. This will be the first camping in Croatia with the total diving product that includes diving centre services - bottling, diving courses, boat trips and equipment rental, the pool suitable for beginners’ training, diving equipment washing area, mobile homes with storage for diving equipment and other amenities. In addition, the camp will get a children's pool with a sun deck next to Maro Club and a new playground. The camp will also host a one-day diving festival, where PADI certificate will be available to obtain. There are numerous diving attractions near the camping - the 1915 wreck of the Italian merchant ship Lina, an underwater tunnel and a special zone bursting with various preserved underwater flora and fauna.


Museum Night January 30th

This year Labin Public Museum is happy to join the jubilee 10th Night of Museums. One of the most popular cultural events in Croatia includes more than two hundred museums, galleries and cultural institutions, and in Labin it will be celebrated with an exhibition of donations for the museum collection, a concert and a free guided tour. Labin Public Museum stands as one of the most interesting Croatian museums. It is situated in the baroque palace Battiala-Lazzarini, with a 150 meter long mine corridor replica on the ground floor, a reminiscent of the rich mining history in this area. Thanks to this unique setup Lonely Planet ranked Labin Museum among the ten most attractive museums in Croatia. During the Night of Museums numerous art studios in Labin Old town will also be open to public.


Divine Massage on Sentona's Trail

On the trail of Labin goddess Sentona - the patroness of travellers, which connects Labin and Rabac, from now on after climbing you can relax and enjoy the unique massages, homeopathic workshops and various treatments with the original local essential oils. In the beauty salon and homeopathic centre ‘Indira’ in Labin, at the starting point of Sentona’s trail opposite Labin Rabac Tourist Board , homeopathy expert Indira Niković will introduce you to the world of healing essential oils of lavender, sage , mint and immortelle that she grows in her fragrant garden and uses in natural serums. Treat your tired feet with reflexive massage with home-made oils or learn the secrets of reflexology in a two week course. Refresh your face with moisturizing facial treatments with local herbs or enjoy a hot stone spine massage. If you want to learn more about natural treatments, book your education holidays in the apartments with one of the most beautiful views over Rabac.

Indira - Personal and homeopathic services business, owner: Indira Nikovic 5 Škrilice, phone: +385 (0)52 855 008, Mob: +385 (0)98 723 495, e-mail: inikovic@gmail.com


History Caretaker

With her playful handicrafts Labin artist Beti Kranjčević keeps the memory of historical motifs of Labin and Istria. Keep your small pieces of wisdom in the decorative handmade boxes with quotes by Labin reformer Matthias Flacius Illyricus, and as for your culinary masterpieces’ recipes choose a box decorated with krafi (local home-made sweet pastry specialty) recipe. For your children, go for colourful wooden altimeters and charming photo frames in the form of the Glagolitic alphabet, the oldest Slavic script created in the 9th century. Use Glagolitic letters decorated with hanging and jumping little men, set up names of your loved ones and create unforgettable presents. Old stone houses and their windows with colourful wooden shutters, wide open to invite guests to visit and explore Labin and its surroundings, stand as Beti’s inspiration for souvenirs- windows with original watercolour drawings.

Beti Kranjčević, Hand-made Artur, 15 Plomin Luka, www.artur-suveniri.hr , mob : +385 (0)91 580 3024


Broskva (Savoy Cabbage) – Winter Delight

While the northern wind bura the local gardens broskva defies it preserving the richness of vitamin C and fibers necessary for our health during winter time. Ever since ancient times winter broskva was one of the essential food items for the locals. It grows in large gardens and tiny back yards, and is harvested after the first frost in November, and eaten until early spring. It is prepared in a similar manner as sauerkraut and sour turnip. Bouquets (shoots) are cleaned, cooked and fried in oil with the addition of salt, pepper and garlic. In Labin area broskva was usually served in winter for lunch with warm polenta or pasutice (home-made pasta). Broskva dishes are available from most local restaurants.


Škopac Family Farm

Halfway between Labin and Rabac, in the village of Principi, there is the one of the most beautiful Labin family farms run by the Škopac family. On one side there is a view over Rabac and Kvarner islands, and on the other overlooking the old town of Labin, this location leave no one indifferent. You can rest in one of the five apartments surrounded by fig trees and scents of rosemary while your hosts prepare local specialties - Labin krafi and marinated anchovies. At the open fireplace where they prepare Istrian soup, Olgica and Franko Škopac will tell you many interesting facts from history and tradition of Labin and discover secrets of preparing food from wild plants. In spring they organize workshops with wild edible and medicinal plants, mushrooms, berries, figs and almonds. If you prefer walking, head to the near-by Sentona’s trail with streams and waterfalls, and for a bit more challenge go for demanding trails and paths around Labin.

Škopac Family Farm, Olgica and Franko Škopac, 14 Principi, Labin, Phone: +385(0)52 854 077, Mob: +385(0)98 887 692, e-mail: olgica.skopac@pu.t-com.hr