March in Labin and Rabac

Sport LAB IstraTrek 2015 - March 28, Labin

The tenth Sport LAB IstraTrek is part of the numerous activities within Labin Trekking Republic celebrating the heroic past and paying tribute to the mining heritage of Labin. Labin Trekking Republic will be proclaimed on March 2 at the Torjon in Old Town Labin, on the day when the 1921 miners' strike began and miners’ self-government, known as Labin Republic, was established. Sport LAB IstraTrek consists of three races: 45 km Ultra, 27 km Challenger and 13 km Light, all passing through the most beautiful landscapes of Labin and its surroundings. Starting point is Lamparna, Ultra at 9 AM, Challenger at 9:30 Am and Light at 10. Registrations open till March 19.


Valamar Loves Bike

Valamar Sanfior Hotel 4* in Rabac one of Valamar Hotel & Resorts object offering a variety of full service benefits for bike lovers' active recreation. From the highland north over the magic hinterland of the peninsula to the south, from east to west coast you can go on two wheels all around Istria. More or less developed and still uncharted bike trails cover the entire Istria like a spider web. There are also road and mountain trails for professional cyclists' training, passionate amateurs and families. Thus, cycling enthusiasts come to sweet torment when they have to decide which trails are more beautiful- those leading through the hinterland or those along the coast. Bike Hotel Valamar Sanfior 4* in Rabac, like other bike Valamar hotels, throughout the year* offer a 10 % discount on the accommodation price and a free bike bottle.
* Offer not valid between 19 June and 4 September 2015.
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Labin Republic

The people of Labin proudly celebrate the anniversary of Labin Republic, one of the first riots against fascism in Europe. The strike, which lasted from March 2nd to April 8th 1921, marked the history of this area where mining was the main industry for decades. It all started when six miner workers gathered in the square in Vinež to protest against the fascists who abused their union leader Giovanni Pipan in Pazin. The miner took over the mines and machinery; they set mines at mine pits and organized armed security forces. Political and social issues were solved by the Mining Committee headed by Pipan, who was even supported by the nobleman Giovanni Tonetti (The Red Baron). The miners organized the mine management and after a few days started the production. They went down into the pit where they appointed their own manager. On April 8th the management launched a surprise military and police action on land and at sea. Poorly armed and inexperienced miners had to give up. Around forty miners were arrested who were set free after a court trial held in Pula. Don’t miss the 150 m long mine corridor open for visitors on the ground floor at a baroque palace housing the Labin Museum and the program Mining Republic by Istra Inspirit.
Labin Public Museum, 6 1.svibnja, phone: +385 0(52) 852 477, e-mail: Open: Mon-Fri 7-2 PM.


Matthias Flacius Illyricus

March stands as the month dedicated to visionaries from Labin, led by Matthias Flacius Illyricus, the famous Protestant reformer and a close associate to Martin Luther. A superb theologian, Church historian and Latin and Greek teacher, Flacius (March 3rd 1520, Labin-March 11th 1575, Frankfurt am Main) was a peculiar person whose exciting life can be found in his Memorial collection located at the Francovich Palace. One of the most influential minds of 16th century Europe has written more than two hundred books. Have a look at copies of his most famous works The Magdeburg Centuries (an ecclesiastical history divided into thirteen centuries) and Clavis scripturae sacrae. The exciting life of Labin’s versatile visionary was marked by numerous journeys across Europe and a curiosity- Flacius had nineteen children!
Labin Museum, 6 1.svibnja, phone: +385 0(52) 852 477, e-mail:
Open: Mon-Fri 7-2 PM.


Josip Belušić - Speedometer Inventor from Labin

Can you think of modern vehicles, vessels or airplanes without an electric speedometer? This revolutionary device was invented by Josip Belušić, a physicist and mathematician born on March 12th 1847 in Županići village near Labin. He introduced his velocimeter, a forerunner of today’s tachograph and taximeter, at 1899 Exposition Universelle in Paris. Although the main attraction of the exposition was the Eiffel Tower, Belušić’s velocimeter raised a great interest. Labin’s inventor attended school in Pazin, probably at church collegium, where the priests first noticed his talent for Science. He continued his studies in Vienna, and later became a teacher at Imperial and Royal Academy in Koper (Slovenia).


New Hotel Lido Palace 4*

As of this season enjoy the newly renovated Hotel Lido Palace 4* in the most beautiful bay Maslinica in Rabac. Excellent price-quality ratio, superb sea-front location, beautiful landscape and near-by promenade leading to the waterfront in Rabac in only a few minutes make this hotel special. Enjoy water activities in the outddor hotel pool or head to the pebble beach only 100 m from the hotel, sports activities such as tennis and football, take a walk or ride a bike on long bike routes leading to forest paths, waterfalls and streams on a near-by Sentona trail Rabac-Labin. Numerous extra activities are also available, including evergreen live music in the evening.
Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, Rabac, Phone: +385 (0)52 884 150, e-mail: