April in Labin and Rabac

100 Miles of Istria, April 17th -19th

Experience the unforgettable adventure and join the longest ultra-trail race in Croatia ‘100 Miles of Istria’ leading through the most beautiful Istrian landscapes. The third edition of this international race will gather a few hundred contestants, from well-known ultra-trailers to the aspiring ones, coming from more than 35 countries. Adult ultra-trailers can choose between 100 mile race with 7,000m cumulative ascent, 110km race with 4,700 m cumulative ascent or the shortest version, 65km race with 2,200m cumulative ascent. The longest race starts in Labin on April 17th and leads through the pearl of Kvarner Bay - Rabac, Kosi, Plomin and over Vojak goes all the way to Buzet, turning to the hinterland in order to pass through the Istrian jewels Hum, Draguć and Motovun. The route then returns to the original path through Oprtalj, Grožnjan and Buje. The mid race starts in Lovran, and the shortest from Buzet. All races finish in Umag, the centre of all events, including the 1 Mile Istria Kids’ Trail and 5 km city race on April 19th.


Long Walk Day, April 25th

Enjoy the 12th Long Walk Day on Labin mountaineering path from Brseč to Skitača. Stunning nature of the eastern coast of Istrian peninsula delights trekkers and mountaineers for years. From the top of Sisol, situated in the south end of mount Učka, just above Brseč village, to Skitača at the south of Labin peninsula, enjoy the spectacular views over the blue waters of Kvarner Bay and the islands of Cres and Lošinj. Wake up that sleeping adventurer inside of you and after the exciting whole day’s trekking relax in a cheerful atmosphere in one of the most beautiful mountaineering houses in Croatia, led by the trekking organizer, mountaineering association Skitaci from Labin.
Route map and info: www.skitaci.com , e-mail: pd.skitaci@pu.t-com.hr , Mobile: +385 (0)91 510 3532, (0)91 207 6969


Voga Teleferika, Rabac, April 26th

The traditional boat race in Rabac serves to preserve memories of superb Rabac fishermen, who used to go fishing rowing their boats down the Kvarner Bay, and the experiences and brave sailors who once owned as much as ten sailing boats. Nowadays Rabac inhabitants compete in popular voganje (rowing in Rabac dialect). With the loud support, teasing and lots of adrenaline, the teams will be rowing from the waterfront to the right side of the Rabac bay at Teleferika- ruins of an old railway once used for bauxite transport from Labin mines. The party continues at the waterfront with sardines, local wines and live music.


Easter Family Vacation in Rabac

Spend the unforgettable Easter with your family at Valamar Bellevue Hotel & Residence located above a string of white pebble beaches and rich green Mediterranean flora. Valamar Bellevue Hotel & Residence are situated just a few minutes’ walk from Rabac centre. You’ll experience Easter in a pleasant atmosphere with rich Easter gastronomic offer, and your welcome gift includes a sweet Easter pastry known as pinca. The hotel organizes Easter egg hunt for all their guests, both children and adults. And if you enjoy cocktails, Rabac is a place to be between April 23rd-25th, hosting the 21st National Bartenders Competition.
www.valamar.com, e-mail:reservations@valamar.com, Phone: +385(0) 52 465-000


Spring Detox with Bitter Plants and Vegetables

The gastronomy of Labin and the south-eastern Istria is based on local plants and bitter vegetables. Wild greens are picked in early spring from the meadows, woods, coastal marine limestone and wild gardens rich with asparagus, wild Swiss chard and radicchio, black bryony, nettle, chives, rock samphire and other green plants full of vitamin C, iron and minerals, all helping our liver to clean the body. Labin’s goddess Sentona-patroness of travellers- recommends indigenous healthy local specialities made from bitter vegetables and wild herbs in a simple, old-fashioned way. Try bruschetta with prawns and arugula, rock samphire and shrimp risotto and sea bream with polenta and asparagus. Healthy and invigorating menus are available from restaurants Kvarner, Velo Kafe, Due Fratelli, Nostromo, Tomažići, Dorina, Ferali, Rogočana Tavern, as well as Rabac hotels part of Valamar Group and Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, offering healthy breakfast with local ingredients and bitter vegetables specialities.
Restaurant and Café Velo kafe, 12 Titov trg, Labin, Phone: +385 (0)52 852-745, e-mail: alvona@pu.t-com.hr
Restaurant Tomažići, 59a Tomažići, Nedešćina, Phone: +385 (0)52 865-535, e-mail: valdi.licul1@pu.t-com.hr
Restaurant Dorina, 54 Plomin, Plomin, Phone: + 385 (0)52 863 023, mob: +385 (0)91 286 3023, e-mail: restoran.dorina@gmail.com
Restaurant Due Fratelli, 6 Montozi, Labin, Phone: +385 (0)52 853 577, mob: +385 (0)98 366 498, (0)98 334 030, e-mail: due-fratelli@pu.t-com.hr, www.due-fratelli.com
Nostromo Hotel & Restaurant, 7 Obala maršala Tita, Rabac, Phone/fax: +385(0)52 872 601
www.nostromo.hr/hotel-restaurant, e-mail: info@nostromo.hr
Rogočana Tavern, 1 Rogočana, Phone: + 385 (0)52 852-576, www.konobarogocana.com, e-mail: info@konobarogocana.com
Restaurant and B&B Ferali, Štrmac bb, Phone: +385 (0)52 851 840, e-mail: restoran.ferali@pu.t-com.hr
Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, Booking: Phone: +385 (0)52 884 172, e-mail: info@maslinica-rabac.com
Hotel & Casa Valamar Sanfior 4*, Rabac, www.valamar.com/en/hotels-rabac/valamar-sanfior-hotel, e-mail: reservations@valamar.com, Phone: +385 (0)52 465-120


Spring Traditions

One of the oldest local spring traditions includes blessing of water wells on St. George’s Day (April 23rd). It was the young couples who particularly enjoyed this since they were eagerly waiting for the end of Lent and Easter, marking the start of wedding season. Following the local custom once known in the village of Kranjci near Labin, the bride-to-be would be given a wooden tank (known as brenta) and then she had to go pour water from the well in it, accompanied by the singing crew of wedding guests. The best man would help her to fill in the tank using a wooden plate to sip in the water (known as karnica), which was also used to collect money for the bride and marital happiness the guests would throw in.