Divine Springs Trail

Rabac - Labin

Water is the source of life, and the springs were once the source of life for people in Labin. So walk down the Divine Springs trail which starts in Maslinica bay in Rabac. Climb up the old town of Labin runs through the most beautiful protected natural landscape in Labin area. The springs Vrućak and Blažićevo are located in next to the large waterfall, and streams will follow you on your way up. Pećina stream waterfalls overflow through the winding tuff barriers, and the mysterious Negri cave hides a well. In just a few minutes from the trail, on an old path that once connecting Labin and Rabac stand the ruins of the Romanesque church of St. Hadrian (12th / 13th century).

Šćurak well in Podvinje under the city walls served as the main town, while its surroundings was a large urban garden to which women wore water in heavy buckets (brente in the local dialect).

Wealthy noble families had their wells for collecting rainwater (šterne in the local dialect) built in the courtyards of their palaces. Country houses used ponds (kalić in the local dialect) and grabbed water using a large dressed stone next to the pond which would help them take out the bucket. The water supply network was brought to Labin in 1937 when the town fountain was built on the San Marco promenade.

Be sure to explore the magic alleys of the old town and feel the spirit of antiquity and mysticism, while in summer Labin transforms into a town of art and the open air stage (Labin Art Republic). You won't regret it!

Trail length 3.4 km
Duration 1.30 h