The Trail of St. Justus

Labin - Gondolići - Rabac

Do you think it’s possible to go back in time and walk down the mine in one moment, and in the other feel free as a bird on top of the 35 m high bell tower and enjoy the great view? Choose the Trail of St. Justus and enjoy time travel. The spirit of antiquity and mysticism will call you in order to discover the magic and beauty of the old town of Labin. Located on a hill, at 320 m above the sea, the town patiently waits to be discovered. The town is dominated by the beautiful buildings preserved from Venetian time: the town gate San Fior, the loggia, the palaces Franković, Manzini, Scampicchio, Negri and Battiala - Lazzarini (the Public Museum of Labin). The Museum will enchant you with its unique model of a mine in this part of Europe, which takes you back to the mining history of Labin and its surroundings. The old town of Labin is now artists’ paradise, and in summer it turns into an open-air stage (Labin Art Republic).

Once you’re out of the mine it’s time for a whole new experience and discovering the beauties – the 35 m high St. Justus’ bell tower is the highest point in the old town of Labin, and from Fortica point you’ll enjoy an amazing view of Rabac and Učka. Walk down Aleja Velikana and over the pine forest (Pineta) till you reach the point where the trail runs next to the Labin Rabac Tourist Board Office, leading to Gondolići. Stop near the 13th century Romanesque church of St. Gal, or visit the remains of the church of St. Anthony, located on the hill of the same name.

Descending to Rabac enjoy the magic of green and alluring scent of Mediterranean herbs joined with crystal clear water.

Trail length 6.8 km
Duration 3 h