Terra Magica Trail

Rabac - Prtlog - Gondolići - Rabac

Your adventure begins in Maslinica bay, which used to be called Tihina and where people from the surrounding villages grew olives. Finding a quiet harbor stands as a desire and need of every man, so head to Teleferika- former cable car and the port for the transport of bauxite, which offers a breathtaking view of Rabac.

Continue along the shore to Remac bay, and then to cape Sv. Juraj. Beautiful views and scents of Mediterranean herbs will follow you along the entire trail. The vegetation in this area is extremely important because it is one of the few quality holm oak forests declared a protected landscape. After Seničina bay, you’ll come to Prtlog, the place which served as the main port of Labin during Antiquity, medieval and Venetian period, and where the galleys docked at that time. A hill fort from the Bronze Age once stood on the highest point of the peninsula. On your way you’ll see the remains of an old oil mill (toš in the local dialect) used for olive oil production, and only five minutes from the trail there’re ruins of a lime kiln, once used for making lime.

Instead of galleys, today in the port Prtlog there are boats of local people and you’ll come to the small old bauxite transport harbor. From Prtlog bay the trail takes you to Gondolići from where you’ll return to Rabac.

Trail length 13.3 km
Duration 4.30 h