Hidden Charms Promenade

St. Andrea - Prižnja - Prohaska - St. Andrea

Enjoy Rabac, the pearl of the Kvarner Bay, on the sea promenade with the most beautiful Istrian beaches. Start your adventure from peninsula of St. Andrea with the small 15th century church of the same name, the oldest building in resort Rabac. Take a selfie with an interesting sculpture ‘The Pearls’ located on a rock below the church, or standing next to the sculpture ‘The Woman Bathing’ and walk  down the promenade and enjoy the beautiful view over the sea and the nearby island of Cres. At the end of promenade, the walk way turns into gravel road leading to Prižnja bay from where you move toward Prohaska. Prohaska is one of the most beautiful parts of Rabac, named after the family of a merchant from Rijeka, originally from the Czech Republic, who had a mansion built in this part of Rabac, destroyed in the past.

After returning choose your place of intimacy in one of the bays with white pebbles, cool down in the crystal clear turquoise sea surrounded with aromatic scents of pine, rosemary and sage. Finish your walk with fun and recreation on the beaches of St. Andrea, Girandella and Lanterna marked with ecological Blue Flag.

Promenade length 4.7 km
Duration 2 h