St. Florentius Trail - Village Kranjci, Labin

The Romanesque church of St. Florentius is dedicated to the bishop of the same name who in 524 served in the town of Novigrad. It was built in the mid 6th century on the hill under the Kranjci village. In the 13th century the locals dedicated the church to St. Florentius, the patron protecting against hail, thunder and field infertility.The church is on the Croatian List of protected cultural goods with the valuable 6th century altar and braiding-style decorated altar plates.

The Legend of Gold

According to the local legend, the church was built by the Greeks during the Byzantine period. They were extremely wealthy, but the rich period was followed by a seven years drought. Due to the hunger they had to move so they loaded a plenty of gold on a small horse-drawn chariots. Since gold was too heavy, they buried a part of it in a still boiler somewhere around the church with the secret vow. They have never returned looking for gold, and a vow remains a secret to this day.

How to get there: distance 3 km from Labin, follow the road from the old town to St. John’s cemetery and Koromačno.

Trail length 20 minutes from the village Kranjci.
Duration 1 h