St. Lucy’s Trail - Skitača

Saint Lucy is the patron of the parish and the church built in 1616 in the village of Skitača, situated on the southernmost peninsula of Labin.

The Legend of St. Lucy’s sanatory water

St. Lucy has asked the residents of Skitača to build her up the church. They continued to postpone the construction so the saint climbed upon a nearby hill, sat on a rock, cried, feeling sad and tired, and fell asleep. When she woke up the next morning she saw beside her a hole (školnica in the local dialect) filled with water, so she grabbed some water and washed her face. Since then, the water from školnica has never dried up, and numerous pilgrimages suffering from sight problems or blindness visit the well of St. Lucy, saint patron of vision and eyesight.

The well is located above the village, near Brdo hilltop that offers panoramic views of the islands of Cres and Lošinj, Cape Kamenjak and mouth of the Raša River. On the other side of the village, five minutes walking distance from the mountain house you will come on  Orlić (470 m) hilltop, offering the best views of Labin, Rabac, Mount Učka the whole of Kvarner bay. You can have a rest in one of the most beautiful mountain houses in Croatia, led by the Skitaci Mountaineering Club from Labin.

December 13th - the feast of St. Lucy -  service is held in the parish church

May 3rd - service is held in the parish church 

Distance from village Skitača to the well is 1 km.
Labin - Skitača 20 km. Follow the road from Labin to Brgod and Brovinje to Skitača.