Sage Trail - Skitača

Treat yourself with a memorable spring trekking on Sage trail around the slopes of the southernmost top of Labin peninsula. The trail on Skitača leads from the viewpoint to Skitaci mountain lodge towards Orlić hilltop (470 m) surrounded with slopes covered with ‘the goddess of Labin slopes’. The healing herb of sage blooms in May, colouring the area in blue and purple. Over the centuries, it was used to treat cough, throat and gum infections, for home-made medicinal brandy production and in meat dishes preparation, for better digestion. Sage essential oil is recommended for painful and tired muscles' massage. The scent of sage clears your mind and is recommended to use against fatigue and depression, and combined with sea and mountain air rich in aerosol on the top of Skitača, it will completely refresh your body.

Trail length 2 km
Labin - Skitača 20 km