Trail of Holy Women

The path of sacred art will conjure you a story about the importance and impact of women in the everyday life of Labin. During the intensive mining era Labin women fearing for the lives of their husbands, miners, engaged in housework, worked hard on the barren land and carried water in buckets from the distant wells. Therefore they frequently sought solace and spiritual help patron saint.

1. Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Nativity - built in 1336  on the 11th century church foundations. It is decorated with six marble altars, including the altar with the relics of St. Just, which were brought from Rome in 1664. 

2. Church of St. Mary of Mount Carmel (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) was built in 1615.  It was restored in a classicist style in 1867. The church once belonged to the wealthy local family of noblemen Depangher-Manzini, and was the place of worship for the members of the noble family the Negris.  It was renovated in the early 1990s through the efforts of the local painter Vinko Šaina, with the help provided by the town government, and is now open as an attractive art gallery ‘Alvona’, the center of the old town artistic life.

3. Church of St. Mary of Consolation (Our Lady of Health) in located on the road heading to the old part of Labin.  It was built in 1420, and after the restoration in the 17th century it got its present form.  It houses a valuable collection of religious art - fifteen wooden sculptures and nine oil paintings from the 17th century showing the Virgin.

4. The chapel of Mary Magdalene is situated on the road heading to at the cemetery on the outskirts of Labin.  Mary Magdalene is the patroness of penitent women, gardeners, hairdressers, and manufacturers of perfumes and pomade.  The chapel is mentioned in the 15th  century, when it was maintained by the noble family Scampicchio.  It is likely that till the 17th century there was a cemetery for nobility of Labin near-by.

5. Trail of Our Lady of Cornelian Cherry (Šumber)
In one of the most visited Istrian shrines the pilgrims come on August 5th, celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Snow.  Legend has it that at this place a young shepherdess witnessed the appearance of Mother Mary with Baby Jesus in her lap in the cornelian cherry tree.  The people of Šumber have responded to the desire of the Mother of God and built her a church in 1440 next to the tree where she appeared. Many mothers go round the altar of the Mother of God on their knees praying for the health of their children. The cornelian cherry tree is on the left side of the church. There is a church of St. Quirinus near-by, with Glagolitic inscriptions from 1540 and  the Šumber castle.

6. St.  Anne in the church of Our Lady of Good Health (Sveti Martin)
St. Anne is the patroness of pregnant women, women giving birth and mothers.  A statue of St. Anne is kept in the parish church and is carried in procession on her feast celebrated on   July 26th. 

7. St.  Catherine (Sveti Martin)
St. Catherine of Alexandria is celebrated on November 25th. One of the Labin’s old town parts is named after her. St. Catherine is the patroness of breast milk, an assistant in diseases of the head and voice, and the patroness of agricultural fruits, especially worshiped by young mothers with children.  They used to pilgrimage to her church holding a candle which they burnt in order to have milk and be able to breastfeed as long as possible.  They also went to have their goat's milk blessed , which they believed protected the children from snake bites.

8. St.  Marina (Sveta Marina)
Several fragments of late Roman glass (4th - 5th century) were found near the church. It was   built at the turn of the 12th   to the 13th  century, with a nunnery close to it.

9. St.  Barbara (Raša)
Saint Barbara is the patroness of miners and gunners.  The modernist church was built in 1937, with the interior resembling an inverted mining wagon, while the bell tower is reminiscent of a miner's lamp.  There is a small museum within the church.


Labin - Šumber 12 km
Labin - Sveti  Martin (Martinski) 10 km
Labin - Sveta  Marina  12 km
Labin - Raša 5 km

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