October in Labin and Rabac

Valamar Trail, Rabac-Labin October 3rd

The second Valamar trail race starts and finishes at Valamar Sanfior 4* hotel in Rabac. Try to overcome the challenging 13km, 21km, 42km, 53km or 73km Valamar trail runs. If you want to explore Rabac surroundings and the near-by areas by bike, Hotel&Casa Valamar Sanfior 4* is the right place. The hotel provides total technical and logistic support so you can relax and enjoy all the bike trails, hills and valleys of the beautiful Istria. Storage room for bikes is available, as well as special high energy meals, bike route maps, bike rent and all information on cycling routes suitable for all levels of ability. Double rooms are available from 83€/night.


Labin Olive Oil Producers

Still haven’t discovered world award-winning olive oil from Labin? This autumn is the opportunity to experience the heavenly tastes of extra virgin olive oil Negri, Oil Perin, Oleum Viride and Villa Annette Selection. For several years in a row Negri oil, made of olives grown in Brgod by Labin olive grower William Negri, and a selection of Oleum Viride made by the Belić family from Rabac are included among the world’s best extra virgin olive oils in the famous Flos Olei guide. With their mixture of the finest Istrian olive sorts, the young olive growers, Perinić family from Perinići village near Pićan are starting to win Istrian Quality awards, while the Peršić family at their boutique hotel Villa Annette pampers their guests by offering premium fruits from their family olive groves through Villa Annette Selection of varieties leccino, frantoio and buža.


St. Florentius’ Trail and the Legend of Gold

October is the best time to experience autumn countryside arcadia in Labin area. Celebrate International Hiking Day (October 15th) and St. Florentius’ Day (October 27th) by exploring St. Florentius’ trail in Kranjci village. There’s a Romanesque style St. Florentius’ church, dedicated to the bishop who served in Novigrad in 524, built on a hill top down the village. The church was built in the mid-6th century and is now included in the national List of protected cultural goods. Inside, there’s a valuable 6th century altar and stone plates decorated with braided ornamentation. According to the local legend the church was built by the Greeks during the Byzantine Empire. They were extremely rich, but a seven year draught came and due to hunger they had to abandon the place. They packed their small chariot with gold, but because the gold was too heavy, they buried a part of it in a cauldron somewhere around the church with a secret vow. They’ve never returned for the gold, and the vow remains a secret.


Cauldron Law and Labin Town Statute

Medieval cities’ statutes included not only the laws and regulations, but also arranged the urban lifestyle. Labin got its statute in the 14th century, which remained effective for the next four and a half centuries, until the fall of Venice. At that time, Labin was ruled by the patriarchs of Aquileia, led by Patriarch Bertrand. On August 17th 1341 declared the statute which contained a horrible provision known as ‘Cauldron Law’ (lex caldarie). This provision applied on proving guilt or innocence of the defendants for a crime. The proceedings took place in the parish church and were supervised by two town councillors and a judge. The suspect had to hand-drawn a pebble stone out of cauldron full of boiling water, in only three attempts. If he failed, the guilt was proven. If someone luckily managed to do so, after that he had to carry a waxed glove for three days. His guilt or innocence depended on traces of burns on his hand, if the hand was burned, he was found guilty and fined, and if not, he was set free. Because of the historical significance of the statute August 17th is now celebrated as the Labin Town Day.


Horseback Riding with a View

Get to know Labin and Rabac from a different point of view. Try out horseback riding with experienced professional riders and enjoy the spectacular views of Labin Old town, Rabac Bay and Cres and Lošinj islands. Upon leaving Labin Old town for Presika, visit the ranch offering organized horseback riding for children and adults. The president of Astra Equestrian Club Ms Rafaela Kranjac Zupičić will give you all the information about these precious animals and the beauty of recreational riding in the untouched nature. Riding is available by appointment only (one-day notice). Horseback riding in the countryside is available for experienced riders only, maximum 4 people.
121 Presika, Labin
M +385 (0) 91 2547 224


Vale Vista Restaurant

Don’t miss the pleasant autumn climate in Rabac and enjoy Kvarner bay fresh seafood specialties and the most beautiful view overlooking the Rabac bay and Labin Old town. Let yourself be seduced with a starter which includes Warty Venus, Mussels, Mediterranean mussels and Scallops. Continue with Spaghetti with Shrimps and Truffles offering the richness of the indigenous Istrian tastes, complemented with the best local olive oil. After enjoying the abundance of natural tastes, relax with a selection of local wines and a take romantic walk down the Rabac promenade to the main waterfront or the most beautiful bay in Rabac called Maslinica.
Vale vista Restaurant
2b Obala Maršala Tita, Rabac
T +385(0)52 872 167