February in Labin and Rabac

Labin Carnival, February 6th

Join the craziest month of the year on Labin carnival on Saturday, 6 February. Labin carnival troupe called Labinjonska kompanija domoća folšarija traditionally guarantees a memorable time with lots of laughter, music and dance under masks on the parade which will pass through the town. The carnival festivities end on Shrove Tuesday, 9 February, with the traditional burning of Pust - the carnival doll blamed for all the troubles in the past year. Cheerful children's masquerade is also held on the same day.


Valentine's Menus

Enjoy the aphrodisiac menus from Velo Kafe and Kvarner restaurants in the romantic Labin Old town. Known for their unique and surprising Valentine's Day menus, this year their offer includes a finest selection of fresh local ingredients and the wealth of the Adriatic. Octopus bannocks, tuna prosciutto, lamb shoulder wrapped in kale and puff pastry with fresh cucumber and yoghurt sauce or kale au gratin with hard-boiled boškarin (Istrian cattle) tongue, will bring out the love appetite. Let the sweetness of love follow you through the imaginative desserts, airy egg white baskets with strawberries and Muscat cream and Sentona cake with local figs and ricotta cheese, named after the patroness of travellers.


Hidden Charms Promenade

Enjoy Rabac, the pearl of the Kvarner Bay, on the sea promenade with the most beautiful Istrian beaches. Start your adventure from peninsula of St. Andrea with the small 15th century church of the same name, the oldest building in Rabac resort. Take a selfie with an interesting sculpture ‘The Pearls’ located on a rock below the church, or standing next to the sculpture ‘The Woman Bathing’ and walk down the promenade and enjoy the beautiful view over the sea and the nearby island of Cres. At the end of promenade, the walk way turns into gravel road leading to Prižnja bay from where you move toward Prohaska. Prohaska is one of the most beautiful parts of Rabac, named after the family of a merchant from Rijeka, originally from the Czech Republic, who had a mansion built in this part of Rabac, destroyed in the past. After returning choose your place of intimacy in one of the bays with white pebbles, cool down in the crystal clear turquoise sea surrounded with aromatic scents of pine, rosemary and sage. Finish your walk with fun and recreation on the beaches of St. Andrea, Girandella and Lanterna marked with ecological Blue Flag.
St. Andrea - Prižnja - Prohaska - St. Andrea
Promenade length: 4.7 km
Duration: 2 h


Labin Love Tradition

Although Valentine's Day celebration in Labin is of recent origin, in the whole of Labin area love has been celebrated and worshiped whole year around through traditional customs. Back in the ancient times it wasn’t easy for a young man from Labin to buy an engagement ring for his beloved girlfriend. While the noblemen would look for the ring from the jewelers in Italy, the humble men from Labin would patiently wait for holidays, St.Peter’s Day in June and St. Justus in November. There were fairs held on those days, where they could buy engagement rings and fabric for wedding suits. Goldsmiths and filigree artists from Pazin and Vodnjan as well as silk and luxury fabric traders from Rijeka and Friuli Region would visit the town. It was a custom after the holy mass and a procession that the young men would go around the shops and choose the finest rings, earrings or coral necklaces for their girlfriends. Young couples in love were especially fond of water wells. They eagerly waited for the end of Lent and Easter, after which the wedding season started. In Kranjci, a village near Labin a bride, accompanied by the wedding guests with music and singing would traditionally carry a water bucket called brenta to the well. The best man would help her fill up the bucket, and the guests would throw money inside the wooden brenta for marriage happiness.


Romantic Villa Annette

Experience romantic moments and enjoy the sunset above Rabac bay with your loved one in the intimate atmosphere of one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in Rabac, surrounded by picturesque nature where the green hills meet crystal blue sea. Enjoy special offers such as 'cook to order' hearty breakfast, thematic menus with asparagus 'Asparagus - a delicacy , medicine and aphrodisiac' and tasting and presentation of Villa Annette Selection extra virgin olive oil. Savoury flavours of frantoio sort will awaken the passion so if you haven't married yet, maybe the romantic surroundings of Villa Annette becomes an ideal location for your unforgettable day. Surprise gift is waiting for you in suites decorated in minimalist style with red, black and white colours, and a stunning view of the Kvarner islands of Cres and Lošinj.


Rabac Laurel

The first thing you feel in Rabac in late February and early March is a fresh laurel scent. This tree of winners appreciated since ancient times, adorns the entire coastal area of Rabac, and you'll find most of it near the lower water falls on Sentona's trail in Maslinica bay and on Terra Magica trail in the protected landscape of Prtlog. Its essential oil helps boost self-confidence and energy loss. It is used in anti-stress massage for fatigue and stiff muscles and joint pain. Once it was believed that laurel branch under the pillow makes bad dreams go away and opens a view into the future in dreams. Today, Klaudio Faraguna’s family farm in Labin offers a souvenir- small pillow filled with laurel leaves. After scented walk relax in Rabac hotels offering Sentona massages with local laurel essential oil. Massage Power Goddess (Goddess winner), dedicated to the local patroness of travellers is intended for self-confident young women and middle-aged women. Sentona’s cosmetics collection with essential oils of laurel, natural soaps and scented bag of dried bay leaves is available from hotel spa centres and souvenir shops.