March in Labin and Rabac

Industrial Art Biennale, Labin 2 March – 30 September

The first edition of the Industrial Art Biennale – IAB in Labin will be held from March 2 to 30 September 2016. The theme of the Bienniale, opening at Pijacal square on 2 March (Miners' Day and the 95th anniversary of the Labin Republic) is Utopia = Reality. More than eighty top contemporary artists from around the world will take part in the Bienniale. The central event is an exhibition of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, German master Joseph Beuys. The aim of the Biennale is to make the town 'live' with the contemporary art, therefore art works will be placed in the Town Gallery, the National Museum Labin, a new exhibition space on Pijacal, Cultural Center Lamparna and the public library, as well as other public and private spaces across town. As part of special program, a photo exhibition „Oltre l'Immagine“ will be on display from 2 March through 31 March at the City Gallery Labin. International programs are created and curated by the Baroness Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, while Branko Franceschi is the curator of the Croatian selection. The project is jointly organized by the Town of Labin and Labin Art Express XXI with the support of Croatian Ministry of Culture and Istria County.

95th Anniversary of the Labin Republic

Mining has marked the history of Labin area, whose inhabitants for decades lived of digging coal. One of the first rebellions against fascism in Europe took place in this area. It was a strike and self-government of Labin area miners, known as the Labin Republic, which lasted for a month: from 2 March to 8 April 1921. The strike began when a handful of miners gathered in the square in Vinež protesting against the fascists who abused their trade union leader Giovanni Pipan in Pazin. The miners took over the mines and set mines at mine pits and organized armed security forces. They organized the mine management and after a few days started the production. They went down into the pit where they appointed their own manager. On April 8th the management launched a surprise military and police action on land and at sea. Poorly armed and inexperienced miners had to give up. Around forty miners were arrested who were set free after a court trial held in Pula. The memory of the glorious past is now preserved in Podlabin, the planned settlement built for the needs of mine workers, with its central part called Pijacal, now protected industrial heritage complex. There is also a mine shaft - main entrance to 150 m deep mine corridors, Cultural Centre Lamparna and the new futuristic public library. The monumental marble hall at the former Istrian Coal Mines Raša headquarters, once used to receive wages and rise strikes, is now transformed into a modern mine of culture.

Easter Breakfast on the Waterfront, Rabac 27 March

Labin-Rabac Tourist Board and local restaurateurs invite you to gather over the traditional Easter breakfast and the local specialties. With ham, hard-boiled eggs, pinca (traditional Easter sweet roll, sweet bread loaf with the sign of a cross) and cakes spend the first days of spring on the blooming Rabac coast full of theme trails and paths. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and listen to Trio Boom. Don’t miss Istrian folk dances performed by the youngest members of the local folk dance group RKUD Rudar from Raša, who will be wearing the traditional Labin area costumes.
Rabac waterfront, from 11 AM

Matthias Flacius Illyricus

March stands as the month dedicated to the most famous historical figure from Labin, the famous Protestant reformer and a close associate to Martin Luther, Matthias Flacius Illyricus (3 March 1520, Labin-11 March 1575, Frankfurt am Main). A superb theologian, Church historian and Latin and Greek teacher, Flacius was a peculiar person whose exciting life can be explored in his Memorial collection located at the Francovich Palace. One of the most influential minds of 16th century Europe has written more than two hundred books. Have a look at copies of his most famous works The Magdeburg Centuries (an ecclesiastical history divided into thirteen centuries) and Clavis scripturae sacrae. Learn how Flacius became a Protestant under the influence of his uncle Baldo Lupetina, martyr of the Venetian Inquisition, how he became friends with the originator of the Reformation Martin Luther and managed to have as many as 19 children.
Matthias Flacius Memorial Collection
7 Giuseppina Martinuzzi, Labin
T +385 (0) 52 852 477
M +385 (0) 99 261 3276
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 10-13 h
Organized groups: by appointment outside the specified time.

Pleasant Active Vacation in Rabac

Hotel Valamar Sanfior 4* Rabac is one of Valamar Hotels & Resorts objects offering a variety of full service facilities for active cycling fans’ active recreation. From the mountainous north through the magical inland to the picturesque south of the peninsula, from east coast to west coast, you are welcomed to explore Istria on two wheels. Like a spider web, more or less marked and less known bike routes cover the whole of Istria. There are also road and mountain routes for professional cyclists’ training, as well as those suitable for passionate amateurs and families. It’s a sweet torment for bike lovers to decide which routes are better- those running through Istrian hinterland, or the ones at the coastline. Bike Hotel Valamar Sanfior 4 * Rabac, as well as other Valamar bike hotels, offers a variety of services and facilities for cyclists, including bicycle storage room and bike wash spot, organized cycling tours and free GPS maps, as well as tool kit for minor repairs.
For more information, please visit:

Easter Meals in Labin and Spring Menu in Restaurants

Experience the tradition of celebrating Easter holidays with the gastronomic specialties from Labin and Rabac restaurants, offering traditional dishes once cooked during the Holy Week in Labin the and surrounding villages. On Good Friday dinner included cod fish with pasutice (sort of home-made pasta). On Holy Saturday two sorts of round bread were made, one salted made of wheat flour and the other, sweet bread with eggs, sugar, lemon, raisins and vanilla. Today, Labin host will offer you with sweet pinca (traditional Easter sweet roll) and the inevitable Labin krafi. Served as sweet dessert this kind of ravioli is filled with cheese, raisins and walnuts and sweet sauce topping, and salted krafi are served with meat sauce. After the morning Mass and blessing of ham, eggs, onions and chives, enjoy your coffee on the terrace of the most popular local café Velo Kafe and experience the charm of Labin chatting while sipping coffee overlooking the medieval town walls. For Easter lunch Velo Kafe offers home-made maneštra s trukinjicom i ječmom (sort of minestrone with maize and barley), dried pork shoulder roasted in olive oil with spring onions and chives. Janjetina ispod peke (roast lamb with onion and rosemary) is traditionally prepared at Kvarner restaurant tavern. In almost all restaurants holiday table is decorated with wild asparagus with scrambled eggs or fuži (home-made pasta) and prosciutto.