May in Labin and Rabac

Voga Teleferika, Rabac, May 8

Feel the spirit of tradition and competition in the exciting traditional Rabac rowing boats’ race. With winning ways local rivalry, loud support, teasing and lots of adrenaline, the teams will be rowing from the waterfront to the right side of the Rabac bay at Teleferika - ruins of an old railway once used for bauxite transport from Labin mines. Rabac inhabitants compete in popular voganje (rowing in Rabac dialect) to pay tribute to superb Rabac fishermen going fishing rowing their boats down the Kvarner Bay for centuries, and the brave sailors who once owned ten sailing boats in the Adriatic. The party continues at the waterfront in Rabac with sardines, local wines and live music.

The 11th Labin Republic Sailing Cruiser Regatta, Rabac, May 13 - 15

This year the sailing cruiser regatta race organized by Sailing Club Kvarner Rabac and named after a famous strike organized by Labin mine workers celebrates its eleventh anniversary. Enjoy the sailing weekend with exciting races in Rabac bay, entertainment shows held on every night with live performances, sailing art workshops for kids and a performance by Labin Majorettes. The sailing fest is unthinkable without Istrian gastronomic specialities and wines that will be served at the waterfront in Rabac. For more information, go to:

Valamar Terra Magica, Rabac – Labin, May 21 - 22

Join the cycling fans at a cycling weekend and 2016 Valamar Terra Magica race. The first race Valamar Intro stage, scheduled on Saturday May 21 brings you the opportunity to feel the essence of the erratic terrain of eastern Istria while riding on a 20 km-long trail that will take you from Rabac to the finish line in Labin. The real cycling spectacle is yet to follow on Sunday, May 22 with a 70 km trail and 2000 m altitude. If that’s too much of a challenge for you, you can still successfully finish the trail at two control points, after 35 i.e. 50 km. The trails lead through attractive locations around Rabac and Labin and Istrian hinterland. Whichever trail you choose, you cannot go wrong. You'll feel the charm of Istrian gravel roads, secluded coastline paths, and enjoy the views overlooking the spectacular panorama of Kvarner Bay. After the race, treat yourself and jump into the sea to renew your energy. Swim along the most beautiful Istrian beaches with crystal clear waters.
Throughout the year* Valamar bike hotels offer a 20% discount on accommodation price and massage at the hotel, and free bike water bottle.
* Offer is not valid from June 15 to September 1, 2016.

Family Vacation at Renewed Hotel Hedera*** Rabac

This spring Maslinica Hotels & Resorts round the renovation cycle of their hotels by introducing the newly arranged family hotel Hedera. Beautiful gardens full of greenery and flowers stretch at the heart of the most beautiful hotel complex in Rabac bay Maslinica. There’s a large outdoor swimming pool with a children's pool next to it, only a hundred meters from the pebble beach. For your complete relaxation, there is also a heated indoor pool with sea water, spa and fitness center. While children aged 6-12 enjoy the animation, you can relax in a romantic restaurant Ancora by the sea enjoy the view over Rabac and the near-by islands. Taste the Mediterranean a-la-carte specialties: fish caught by local fishermen, fruit and vegetables from nearby fields and tasty grilled meat.
T +385(0)52 884 172

Spring Sea Delights

Vale Vista Restaurant with a long tradition of local Rabac specialties will give you an unforgettable spring gastronomic experience. Whether you chose lunch or dinner, on the terrace next to the sea and feeling May breeze in Rabac bay, your palate will enjoy the luxury of Adriatic seafood and supreme Istrian truffles and extra virgin olive oils from the best olive region in the world, according to Flois Olei 2016. Savory and lush flavors of Istrian olive oils are a perfect match to clams, mussels or scallops. The restaurant specialty is noodles with shrimps and aromatic truffles while meat lovers will enjoy rump steak with arugula and homemade cheese.
Vale Vista Restaurant
2b Obala Maršala Tita, Rabac
T +385(0)52 872 167

Sage Trail - Skitača

Treat yourself with a memorable spring trekking on Sage trail around the slopes of the southernmost top of Labin peninsula. The trail on Skitača leads from the viewpoint to Skitaci mountain lodge towards Orlić hilltop (470 m) surrounded with slopes covered with ‘the goddess of Labin slopes’. The healing herb of sage blooms in May, colouring the area in blue and purple. Over the centuries, it was used to treat cough, throat and gum infections, for home-made medicinal brandy production and in meat dishes preparation, for better digestion. Sage essential oil is recommended for painful and tired muscles' massage. The scent of sage clears your mind and is recommended to use against fatigue and depression, and combined with sea and mountain air rich in aerosol on the top of Skitača, it will completely refresh your body.
Trail length 2 km
Labin - Skitača 20 km