October in Labin and Rabac

Labin Area Olive Growing Art

October marks the beginning of olive harvest in Istria, the 2016 world's best olive growing region according to Flos Olei, world guide to extra virgin olive oil. The list of this distinguished and exclusive world guidebook for olive oil includes Negri Oil from Labin and Belić oil Oleum Viride from Rabac. Enjoy the artistic tasting of precious olive fruits at the noble Palazzo Negri in Labin Old town. With expert guidance by the local olive grower William Negri from Art gastro gallery located in the 17th century palace taste the finest olive oil with Istrian prosciutto, home-made cheese and Negri wines and see works of Labin artist Anessa A. Negri. For the culmination of highest gastronomic experience, head to Villa Annette boutique hotel in Rabac, with the most beautiful view of the Rabac bay and Kvarner islands. In the idyllic surroundings the owners, family Peršić, will present you their superb collection of extra virgin olive oil Villa Annette Selection including varieties Leccino, Frantoio and Buža from the family olive grove. A young family Baćac with their award-winning oil Oil Perin is a rising star of olive growing in Labin area. Head to the village of Perinići near the picturesque medieval town of Pićan and choose a mix of the best Istrian olive varieties.
Negri Art Gastro Gallery, Palazzo Negri, 11 G. Martinuzzi, 52220 Labin, mobile: +385 (0)98 219 524, phone: + 385 (0)52 875 280, www.negri-olive.com, e-mail: info@negri-olive.com
Uljara Perinić, Perinić d.o.o., 33b Perinići, Pićan, phone: +385 (0)52 869 134, mobile: +385 (0)99 2869 134, e-mail: andrea.bacac@gmail.com, www.perinic.hr
Villa Annette, hotel & restaurant, 24 Raška, Rabac, phone: +385 (0)52 884 222, e-mail: villa.annette@pu.t-com.hr, www.villa-annette.com


Divine Olive Spa

After tasting the best of Labin olive oils, relax with a spa massage 'Me, the Goddess', specially developed treatments inspired by the goddess Sentona - Labin patroness of travellers. At Mimosa 4* Hotel in Maslinica Hotels & Resorts Rabac , discover the salubrity of olive oil for hair and body through aroma relax face and scalp massage Rejuvenation Goddess (Goddess of longevity). A pleasant and relaxing massage with local olive oil, lavender and St. John's Wort essential oils, will make you shine during cold autumn days and give you a sense of longevity as eternal and indestructible olive.
Maslinica Hotels & Resorts, Rabac bb, P.O. box 2, 52221 Rabac
T +385 (0)52 884 150
+385 (0) 52 884 170/172
E-mail: info@maslinica-rabac.com


White Truffle Season

At the end of September in Istria began the hunting season on white truffle, "His Majesty of Istria," as it is affectionately known. Also called the Istrian forest gold, white truffle is the king of Labin table in autumn and winter. One of the larger sites of the white tuber with a strong characteristic odour enjoyed in this area ever since the ancient Romans, is Čepić field near Labin. In almost all Labin and Rabac restaurants you can taste numerous specialties with white truffle which is one of the finest and most expensive truffles. Beefsteak with truffles, truffles with homemade fuži, gnocchi or pljukanci (home-made pasta), ice cream with white truffle and local olive oil, salads with truffle-your palate is to choose. Sit at the traditional Istrian open fireplace ognjišće and enjoy other autumn pumpkin and chestnuts fruits with inevitable Istrian prosciutto, sausages and pork loin and a wide range of top-quality Labin and Istrian wines.
The restaurant offers available from: https://goo.gl/r5thw0


Valamar Family Life Bellevue Resort 4*, Rabac

In 2017, Valamar Riviera, the leading tourist company and one of the most active investors in tourism in Croatia, is investing about 500 Million Kunas in construction of two luxury resorts in Rabac: Family Life Bellevue Resort 4*, being the first TUI Family Life brand in Croatia, and Valamar Girandella Resort 4*. Next year hotels Bellevue and Albona will be completely reconstructed in order to become Family Life Bellevue Resort 4 * offering accommodation in 372 rooms. New investments in pools, restaurants, beaches, entertainment and other facilities at this resort will significantly improve the quality of service according to TUI standards. This world's leading tour operator plans to bring about 80,000 guests in the Family Life Bellevue Resort 4*, that is more than 400,000 overnight stays, primarily through the opening of new air transport market in Great Britain and Scandinavia.
As part of the Valamar Girandella Resort 4* project all three pavilions will be reconstructed, as well as the central building with a restaurant and three villas, with the resort offering 399 accommodation units after the reconstruction. In addition to the unique gastronomy offer from three theme restaurants in the central building of the resort, all guests will enjoy a rich offer for family entertainment: from the entertainment hall, beach club, steak house, to a new Maro Club for children. Great attention will be devoted to the development of paths, bike trails, beaches and parking lots which will significantly improve the overall look of this destination.


St Florentius Trail, Kranjci Village, Labin

Discover the legend of the missing treasure and take a walk on St. Florentius trail in Kranjci village, on one of the most beautiful paths in Labin area. The feast of St. Florentius, the patron of the village church, is celebrated on October 27, when the colourful autumn colours of the surrounding groves, rich vineyards and olive groves give a special charm to the trail. The Romanesque church of St. Florentius is dedicated to the bishop Florentius who was in service in the Istrian town of Novigrad in 524. The church was erected in the mid-6th century on a hill beyond the village. It is included in the List of protected cultural goods, with a valuable 6th century altar and stone plates with braided ornamentation. According to the local legend, the church was built by the Greeks during the Byzantine times. They were extremely wealthy, but a seven year draught followed and because of hunger they had to move. They packed their small chariot with gold. Since the gold was too heavy, they buried a part of it in a cauldron around St. Florentius’ church with a secret vow. They’ve never returned for the gold, and the vow remains a secret.
Distance from Labin: 3 km. Follow the road from Labin Old town to St. John’s cemetery and Koromačno.
Trail length: 20 min from Kranjci village
Walking time: 1 h


Labin Town Gallery Exhibitions

Experience Labin Old town in the most beautiful autumn attire and visit Labin Town Gallery. For seventeen years, the centre of cultural events in town, Labin Town Gallery is located in the main old town vertical street, opposite the Public Museum, near the parish church. From October 1 to 22, see the installation 'Gentle Destruction' by Croatian conceptual artist Robert Fišer, and from October 27 to November 26 see the exhibition 'Under Pressure' by a young and promising Slovenian sculptor Jure Markota.
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10-14 and 17-20h
Sunday: Closed